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The great star realm powerhouse has set up a special barrier…so the voice couldn\’t be heard, and I was already trapped in the barrier just now… The maid said painfully, \”Hurry up, the young master supports them. It won’t be long, I beg you.” After speaking, tears appeared in his eyes.

Shanghai turned into a pair of golden wings, and the speed skyrocketed, but that claw came too fast, and there was no time to avoid it completely.King Kong!Jin Tang waved and hit the claw.boom……The enchantment distortion reached about three feet, everyone only saw a figure bursting out. After seeing it clearly, they realized that it was Shanghai who had retreated, and on his chest, a scratch extended from his left shoulder to his right lower abdomen. , The blood was dripping, and the wound went deep into the bone.Shanghai is injured…The hearts of the people in Lingshen\’s line were tense to the extreme.Ling Zhantian\’s cheeks also tightened, his eyes kept staring at Shanghai, afraid to move away, lest once he moved away, he would never be seen again.puff……A mouthful of black blood was spit out, and Shanghai\’s face was a little pale, but with this mouthful of blood spitting out, the surging qi and blood stabilized. Thinking of the blow just now, my heart suddenly lingered. If it weren\’t for the magical skill of King Kong in time to resist, I\’m afraid he will be crushed by his waist.The strength of Yao unable to be far more terrifying than expected, and the aura that it aroused made Shanghai\’s mind tense to the extreme.This feeling is very strange.Some palpitations, but full of expectations, and a strong will to fight, the pressure brought by death, and this pressure of death is real, and Shanghai can truly feel that under this pressure, he The potential was stimulated.Vaguely, there was an inexplicable shackle in the body with a slight crack, as if it was about to break away, but it couldn\’t break away.obviously!The pressure is not enough!Seeing that the expressionless demon couldn’t, Shanghai felt a more intense death crisis. Today, he is like walking on the line of life and death. If he is not careful, he may be completely destroyed. But in this case, the body inside The potential has already begun to be stimulated.This is the road to death, and it is also an opportunity.Roar!The demon can\’t growl and kill again, it is the magical skill of the demon and god clan-demon bite killing technique! This is a ninth-rank intermediate-level magical skill, wherever it passes, the void is shattered like a mirror one after another, and the barrier has once again been twisted as long as three feet.


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