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This weird vortex is not in the sky and the earth, but outside the sky and the earth. It is not the sky and the earth that contains it, but it contains the entire world. This feeling is very strange, and at the moment of sudden life, Shanghai\’s body trembles. , Her footsteps rubbed the ground, and moved towards the whirlpool.

It\’s over…The tense hearts of the people in the spirits and spirits finally relaxed, and their gazes looking at Shanghai were full of relief, because it was beyond their expectations to be able to reach the quarterfinals, not to mention that Shanghai is still very young, less than five years old. At the age of ten, he will achieve this ability, if he cultivates for a few more years…At the thought of this, everyone was full of excitement, full of longing and hope for the future of the Lingshen line. They even saw the Lingshen line, led by Shanghai, towards the coveted glory.Is it over…Yan Wushuang also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and his tightly squeezed jade hands were slightly loosened, the palms of the hands were quite moist, and the upper part was even harder because of the deep nail marks left behind.The beautiful woman on the side took a deep look and breathed a sigh of relief. Since paying attention to Shanghai, she has been attracted by this guy who has constantly created miracles. She originally thought he would stop at sixteen, but she didn’t. Thinking of entering the top eight.When Yan Potian unlocked the seal, released the power of the semi-saint master, and took out the artifact, she thought that Shanghai might be unable to fight back, but who knew that he was not afraid of it and took out the artifact. Fight against Yan Potian.The confrontation between the king-level and the semi-holy master almost subverted everyone’s cognition. Not only did it not let the wind fall, but fought it hard, the two were evenly matched, and the vast and surging fighting spirit made people feel excited. .This was far beyond everyone\’s expectations, but he didn\’t expect that Shanghai would be able to force Yan Breaking the sky to do his best, using the last move of pressing the box.It seems that my evaluation of him is still a bit low. The king-level is able to fight for the half-holy master level Yan Potian. If his realm is stabilized, or if his realm is stabilized, or if he grows more, maybe… this win If you lose it, you can\’t tell. The beautiful woman\’s gaze revealed a strange complexity, and the expression in Yan Wushuang\’s eyes contained a little inexplicable envy.In the position of the main clan, the three pairs of eyes have been staring at this battle, and the identities of these three are extremely special, it is the main clan\’s Ba Yu and others.Unfortunately, he is still a bit worse. But he is very good, and he will be enough to become my true opponent in a hundred years…Haha, Shanghai, I am looking forward to your growth. I hope you will not let me down in a hundred years. Ba Yushuang There was a strong sense of war in his eyes.It\’s okay… Ming Yuyan murmured, as if the night sky\’s eyes were so clear, it was difficult to guess her thoughts.Sure enough, if it weren\’t for losing to Yan Potian, I would really like to fight with you. Lei Chen grinned.suddenly!Yan Potian, who was standing in the same place, stirred in his throat, and his face turned pale, as if he could no longer bear it.puff!A large mouthful of blood spurted out, splashed on the ground, leaving a bright red, and Yan Potian\’s momentum quickly receded, and the whole person\’s expression became slumped, his body trembled slightly, and his right foot involuntarily stepped back. , Barely supported the body.At this time!The flesh and blood on Yan Potian\’s left chest burst into pieces, and a blood hole appeared, and blood spurted out, but it stopped for a moment, and this wound was extremely deep, almost bursting to pieces.


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