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Xuanyan Holy Tortoise…

The fragments of the remaining cultivation methods, no matter how they are sorted, are difficult to completely restore. Perhaps after countless generations of predecessors, these cultivation methods may seem complete, but they have gone to another cultivation fork.As for the cultivation methods obtained by the seniors in the gods, they are generally not important or have long been abandoned. After all, the main cultivation method cannot be circulated at will, and future generations continue to change the original cultivation method. It\’s already totally unrecognizable.The realm used by the human race of the Great Desolate Territory was passed down through the God Realm and changed by later generations. In fact, before the First Blessed One, the God Realm had only three realms, namely Transcendent, Transcendence and Sanctification. Huayuan corresponds to all realms below the realm of the king, but the senior characters in the Great Desolate Realm are more detailed, of course, this is also related to the cultivation method of the Great Desolate World.Zhu Yi said: \”The realm of sanctification, including the realm of semi-holy master, holy master, and supreme holy master, is collectively called the holy realm in the realm of God.\”Only three realms…Shanghai\’s expression became unnatural, and he finally understood why there was such a big gap between the cultivators of God\’s Domain and the Great Wild World.What is the realm of cultivation in the Great Wilderness World?Spiritualist, Spiritualist, Spiritual King, Spiritual Saint, Great Man, Venerable, Venerable King, Semi-Holy Lord, Holy Lord, and Supreme Lord…Ten realms.Each realm is a level. How many people are stuck in one realm and will never be able to step into the next realm for a lifetime. This has created that countless cultivators stay in a low realm and cannot climb to a higher realm.But God’s Domain has only three realms, and this is what makes it. As long as God’s realm powerhouses cross the first two realms, it will not take many years to reach the realm that practitioners in the Great Wild World can spend thousands of years, or even thousands of years, to enter. And in the hierarchy.If the cultivation way of God\’s Domain is a straight avenue, then the Great Wild World is a completely twisted detour, and there are many forks and dead ends.This is the gap in the background.Of course, the cultivation method of God\’s Domain is also inherited from the great wilderness world of the ancient times, so there is not much rejection in Shanghai.After the holy realm, it is the celestial and human realm. This realm must be comprehended to reincarnate in order to enter. The celestial human realm is divided into three levels, nine stages, called the nine realms of reincarnation, and only the superb can Step into this realm.Bo Yi paused, and then said: \”Actually, the Holy Realm and the Heaven and Human Realm are completely different in realm, but in the reincarnation artistic realm, there is no primordial one. In other words, as long as the holy realm is reached, the soul is enough. If you are strong, you will be able to comprehend the mood of reincarnation.\”As long as the soul is strong enough?Well, you have to have a special secret method, otherwise the soul alone is not enough. And anyone who can comprehend the reincarnation in the holy realm is a person with extraordinary talents. Such a character is placed in the realm of the gods. The Great Protoss focuses on the generation of cultivation.Oh? Why? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Before the Heaven and Human Realm, there was no reincarnation mood. In the God Realm, as long as there are enough resources, anyone can reach the ultimate holy realm as long as they have good aptitude, which is what the Great Desolate World said is the Supreme Lord’s. level.


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