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Then two small flames burned the two bodies into nothingness, and their storage rings were swept away. The white mist dispersed. Jian Xi held the palm sized array plate in one hand and waved it continuously in the other hand, put away the array flags scattered around, then sacrificed the white cloud flying spirit and left the place quickly.

boom……The ancient bronze pagoda shuddered, and then a figure appeared in the passage behind the ancient pagoda, and everyone\’s eyes were all attracted by the figure.The third level of human access…He has entered the palace.The eyes of the strong on the scene were red.Let’s not talk about the three-story treasures of the ancient bronze pagoda. The first level is better than the first. The most important thing is the treasures in the palace. Anything is a rare treasure. Even the strong of the gods have only heard of it. Also the firstSee it only once.It\’s him!Shanghai was a little surprised, because it was not someone else who entered the passage, it was Nie Yun who had the intersection of Fuyun Land before. Unexpectedly, this person would have such a great opportunity to pass the third floor of the ancient bronze pagoda and enter In the treasure palace.I saw Nie Yun quickly walked over, pressing his right hand on the peculiar sphere that enclosed countless treasures, and then a treasure from the inside turned out and fell into his right hand, before everyone could see clearly, this treasure Has fallen into his hands.After a while!Nie Yun turned into a beam of light, shot out from the palace, and fell in front of everyone.Brother Nie, congratulations. Some familiar people stepped forward to congratulate.It\’s just luck.Nie Yun smiled faintly, without saying anything. As for the treasure he obtained, he did not say that it was a piece of Primordial Talisman, enough to be included in the Seventh-Rank Sacred Artifact, and this kind of talisman was even rarer than the Seventh-Rank Sacred Artifact, so it was valuable. Above the seventh artifact.This is also a treasure to Nie Yun, who came from such a big power as the Land of Rune Clouds in the God\’s Domain.At this time!The palace where Nie Yun had stepped into, suddenly sank rumblingly.Why did the treasure palace sink?Brother Nie has just entered this palace. Could it be that only one person can enter this palace at a time? A strong man said, his face changed slightly.


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