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Chapter 353 breaking thunder pill

certainly!This requires the realm of the god king to support it. After all, the speed has reached the extreme, even if Shanghai can do it, his strength and body will be unbearable.My speed…I pursue the speed of my body in my life. Among the ancient gods, no one can compare with me. It is trillions of li in an instant… I am deep in the void, comprehending the skills of the celestial pole, and finally achieve the ability to cross the galaxy in an instant. This divine skill is lost, and it will be preserved by the destined. A Canggu voice sounded inside the ancient pagoda.suddenly!A peculiar divine light fell from a high altitude and hit Shanghai directly. Various complicated ancient patterns, containing all sorts of wonderful powers, fell into his body and formed a seed, which was the \”celestial skill\” Seed.Shanghai realized that it had inherited it.It was the inheritance of the \”Sky Extreme Skill\” of the Speed ​​God King, and a surprise suddenly appeared in my heart. I didn\’t expect that I could have such a great opportunity.actually!The opportunity left by the speed god king is for those who are predestined. As long as they can enter this place, those with the same understanding can be passed on. Of course, since ancient times, only two people can be passed on. The first one is the one who left the legend. , The second is Shanghai.The reason why Shanghai was able to obtain this inheritance was that he had a sense of heaven that ordinary people could not have, plus a bit of root left by the shuttle with the void beast in his early years. This is the reason that was planted before, and after contact, Shanghai In order to understand faster, this is the result.First Grade Magic Skill…When Shanghai saw the inheritance quality of the \”celestial skill\” that entered the sea of ​​consciousness, his heart couldn\’t help but stop. He actually obtained a grade of magical skill, and this is still a Shenfa magical skill. You know, Shenfa magical skill is compared The other magic skills are even more rare.Since ancient times, most of the magical abilities have been based on exerting strong combat power, so that the physical and magical abilities are so pitiful. It is not that the senior characters don\’t want to understand the cultivation, but it is too difficult.Among the same magical skills, the value of the physical skills is far more than the other magical skills.If calculated according to this quality, the first-class Shenfa magical skills are almost equivalent to surpassing the other first-class magical skills.Of course, even if you have acquired this physical skill, you can\’t fully cultivate it successfully in the realm of Shanghai. If you have to fully understand and control the first-grade magical skills, you must at least reach the level of a top god or a general in order to be thorough. Use it.However, this does not prevent Shanghai from practicing.Chapter 0986 To Die Or To LiveUnder the ancient tower!A black-haired young man stood quietly, as if he had lost all his life. Time seemed to freeze here.


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