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Once again, she observed the position of each bone with her divine sense. After confirming that it was correct, Jane Xi began to help fine tune each part of the God of war to make it more perfect. Then she took a deep breath and looked at the God of war who had no strength in pain. Before, Jane Xi tried her best not to pay attention to the feeling of the God of war, because that would only distract her, In case of any mistake, Jane Xi will never forgive herself, so she didn\’t dare to see the God of war until now.

The strong onlookers were suddenly dumb, and the god of fighting ended too soon.Almost there, God of Fighting Forbidden Technique!The battle god of Fengxin was filled with green light on his hands, constantly injecting into it, using the same technique as the one that had just confined Ming Yuyan.Be careful… Ming Yuyan was shocked and quickly reminded Shanghai.If Shanghai is also imprisoned, then they can only be mermaid.suddenly!The countless pieces of Fighting God scattered in the battlefield of Fighting God trembled slightly, and then they all gathered together and turned into a new Fighting God. Although the appearance is no different from that of the time, the momentum is stronger than before. point.this……Reconsolidated…The God of Fighting was bombarded and he could be reborn. It\’s incredible. The powerhouse onlookers was shocked again and again.The Bimang on Fengxin Fighting God\’s hand suddenly shattered, and he took two steps back, looking at the resurrected Shanghai Fighting God with surprise.No matter how you resurrect, you are still going to die. Fengxin\’s God of War shot again, and the violent power blasted on the God of Shanghai.boom!The fighting god burst into moment!The fragments aggregated again, and recondensed into a new battle god.Resurrected again…The onlookers were completely dumb. They had no idea that there would be such a strange change and resurrect twice in a row. Then, if this continues, wouldn\’t the Shanghai God of Fighting be unbeatable? What shocked them even more was that after each resurrection, the new fighting spirit was stronger than before.Feng Xin was stunned, gritted his teeth, and shot again.boom……


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