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A few people saw Jane Xi standing in front of the window, and also saw the little man like pink carving and jade carving behind her. They were there, so warm and harmonious, but Jane Xi looked like the eyes of the five of them were cold and strange.

Under this pressure, Shanghai\’s mind and body tightened to the extreme, and with the continuous urging, waves of sentiment continued to increase sharply, signs of loosening appeared in the realm of the holy lord peak, and the power of the body surged violently. .suddenly!There was a sudden pain from the sea of ​​consciousness, and the trapped dragon of knowledge suddenly broke through the gang consciousness, rushed into the deepest part of the sea of ​​consciousness, and bit towards the soul.not good……Shanghai\’s expression suddenly changed. He didn\’t expect that at this critical moment, Shilong would break free and rush directly into the soul.呲…The soul was bitten, and Shanghai\’s body suddenly stiffened. Although his consciousness was still there, he could no longer control his own supernatural power. Half of the unnamed supernatural skills he played were suppressed forcibly, and the suppressed giant hand shot directly. Come here.boom……Unparalleled power was shot on Shanghai. He felt all his bones were broken, and even his internal organs were instantly shattered, but now he can\’t take care of that much anymore. With a strong desire to survive, Crazy urging Gang Consciousness, fell into the soul.Shilong biting his soul frantically, Shanghai felt that his five senses were gradually disappearing. He could only support it with a trace of obsession. The soul was damaged. For the cultivator, it has already touched the root. If it is not dealt with as soon as possible , It will be frightened.Get out of me…get away… Driven by the crazy thoughts, a large amount of Gang Consciousness poured in, directly hitting on the Dragon\’s body, and shot it flying out. At the same time, the rest of Gang Consciousness was like a giant. Like a whip, it bombarded Shilong fiercely.After being beaten continuously, Shilong\’s figure gradually dimmed, his mouth was slightly loose, and the biting soul fragments overflowed and fell into the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness.suddenly!The soul exudes a special power.Nine Death Fairy…Feeling this power, Shanghai couldn\’t help but startled. Isn\’t the sixth sense coming again? If this is the case, wouldn\’t it be unavoidable that you will die, first knowing the dragon, and then the sixth consciousness… With the influx of special power, Shanghai has noticed that it is not the sixth consciousness, but a very wonderful power.Under the surging of this power, the soul fragment moved slowly, and was pulled to the position of the soul, and then slowly fitted to the soul, and finally merged into the soul. Shanghai trembled, and the soul was restored. Damaged, it is extremely difficult to recover, except for the rare things that can be recovered, the rest can not be recovered.The Nine Deaths Immortal Technique could do this, and what made Shanghai even more shocked was that he was able to manipulate this special power to repair the soul.suddenly!A figure fell, and it was Sen Luo, staring at Shanghai, his eyes full of jealousy and a touch of complexity.


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