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Jane Xi squatted and looked at the man. When he lay down, he could see that he was tall, at least more than 1.85 meters tall. He should also be in good shape. His wet hair had been dried and looked very messy, covering half of his face. At first glance, his clothes were high-quality French clothes, but Jane Xi could not see what materials were made of, but now they were in tatters, Before, because his body was frozen, he couldn\’t see clearly, but now those ice dregs melted and dried, and a trace of blood began to seep from his chest. Jane glanced at the storage ring on his hand, and the pattern was very complex and simple.

One phantom disappeared, and then other phantoms disappeared.They are gone… Gu Yu was pleasantly surprised.Finally gone…Only then did Mu Xing\’s heart sink, and his eyes turned to Mu Xin and the others, only to see that they were still safe, and then completely relieved his heart.go?Shanghai shook his head slightly. These old monsters just came in a hurry and didn’t make any preparations. After leaving this time, they must be thinking about other countermeasures. Maybe when they will come back again, and there are still a lot of strong people around. The person is watching here.I killed Nan Xi, but it caused such a big trouble… Shanghai smiled secretly in his heart, but he didn\’t regret it. Now that it has happened, think more about it.It\’s useless, all you have to do now is to improve your defenses as soon as possible.It is not enough to cover the sky cup alone. Shanghai remembered the three treasures in the City of All Things…that is the special treatment of the Lord of the Void Sky of All Things, and can obtain the three treasures in the City of All Things.Chapter 1205 Left Deputy Sect MasterThe three treasures of the City of All Things…Where should I start?Shanghai doesn’t know much about the City of All Things. When I asked the old man surnamed Jia, the latter didn’t tell him exactly where to find the three treasures. He only said that the three treasures were in the City of All Things, and let him go by himself. Discovery, obviously, it is difficult to find in a short time.It is even more impossible to leave the City of All Things, so what should I do…Continuing to wait for the major forces and the old monsters to come over, it seems very passive, and the City of All Things can only stay for ten years, and after the event is over, it will last for up to nine years.At that time, the entire city will be closed again, and will be opened after a hundred years. It will be opened once every 100 years, and will be closed again after a maximum of ten years. This is a law that has existed in the City of Everything since ancient times. No one can change it. Can only stay here for ten years.What about ten years later?If this matter is not resolved as soon as possible, it will be even more troublesome by then. Maybe once you leave the City of Everything, you will encounter big troubles.After squinting for a moment, Shanghai made a secret decision.Friend Gu, do you know if there are any treasures in the City of All Things? It originally belonged to the City of All Things. Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Treasure that originally belonged to the City of All Things? Gu Yu frowned slightly, shook his head, and said, \”I really don\’t know this.\”


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