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It\’s just that the eyes of shangguanbo looking at Jian Xi are not only Jian Xi, but everyone on board, except Xiao Siyu, can see clearly, but no one has pointed it out.

By the way, that mysterious atmosphere.Shanghai suddenly remembered the things from Xiaoding, which was left to her by her mother, and it was hard to incorporate them into Xiaoding.The horror of the mysterious aura, Shanghai has experienced, even if it is touched, it will be shattered by it, even the ancient demon sacred body is difficult to resist. If this mysterious aura can be refined, then step into it in the future The reliance on the middle layer of God\’s Domain is even greater.However, the danger of refining mystery qi may result in death if you are not careful.Taking a deep breath, Shanghai decided to give it a try, otherwise it would be a shame that such a terrible weapon can\’t be used well on the body.chant……With the opening of Tiangang Ring, Xiaoding flew out and landed on the palm of Shanghai\’s right hand.With a thought, the lid of the tripod opened in a snap.The mysterious air hovered in the depths of the small cauldron, and it was the same as the one that had been stored at the beginning, without the slightest change, only a strand of hair size.Shanghai hesitated for a moment, and immediately stretched out his finger and touched it towards the mysterious aura. The moment he touched it, the divine power was quickly released. Only a bang was heard, and the divine power of the fingertips suddenly shattered.Click!His right arm was broken, Shanghai\’s expression sank, and he watched as his right arm turned to fly ash. The pain of a broken arm was really unbearable for others, but for Shanghai, it was nothing, the most painful soul tearing in the past. The pain of the crack was endured, and the pain of the flesh was nothing.Failed……Shanghai was quite unwilling, and faintly felt that there should be a way to refine it, but he couldn\’t find a way.Recalling when he first acquired this mysterious energy, Shenxi once said that it was when his mother allowed herself to reach the level of the gods to acquire the mysterious energy.God level…Why does the mother say that? Could it be that only by becoming a god can this mysterious atmosphere be subdued and refined?However, Shanghai never thought of becoming a god, because he intends to continue to cultivate the power of the Blessed One. Unless he can\’t break through the level of the Blessed One, he will consider transforming into a god. Once he becomes a god, he must first train his original body.However, if you do this, you will abandon the ancient demon sacred body, and Shanghai will make that choice only when it is absolutely necessary.I\’m already at the level of the third world deity. Although I don\’t have the body of the gods, the gods are far better than the gods in power. Compared with the high-level gods, I should have a chance. Anyway, try several times and take a look. Shanghai Xindao, his requirements are not high, and he doesn\’t necessarily have to refine this mysterious energy, as long as he can use it, it is enough. As for the refinement, he will think of a way later.continue!


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