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\”This is the spirit tea?\” Jane Xi pecked lightly, and immediately brightened her eyes.

However, after the white light shone, Shanghai has been sent to the second floor.Chapter 1296Shanghai, located at the entrance of the second floor, dignifiedly glanced at the ghosts around him, but there was no change like the teleportation array on the first floor. Could it be that he was mistaken? It is also possible that when he was teleported before, his consciousness had already appeared slightly blurred.After thinking for a moment, Shanghai planned to go back and have a look, and turned and stepped into the teleportation formation, but unexpectedly discovered that the second-tier teleportation formation showed no sign of activation.It\’s a single teleportation array…When Shanghai saw the lines above, I immediately understood that this is just a singleThe teleportation array can only go from the first layer to the second layer, but cannot return from the second layer to the first layer.Since you can\’t return, then move on and get through the second floor first. Shanghai retracted his mind and looked far away.The second level environment is similar to the first level. The difference is that the ghosts here are much richer, and the loss of power is much greater. It is difficult for the strong below the level of the gods to gain a foothold here, even the top-level gods. Hierarchical, staying here for half an hour will consume all of your power.Fortunately, I have realized the extreme state of reincarnation. The nine reincarnation moods circulate in my body endlessly, and the divine power continues to grow, so that I can withstand the consumption. Shanghai Xin said.At this time!A figure appeared in the passage next to it.Boy, you\’re good enough to run to the second floor.A middle-aged man emerged from his body, his breath was surging, his eyes scanned Shanghai, and he said indifferently: \”You can pass through the first level of the black prison, your strength is far surpassed that of your peers, stop here. Well, stay here, don’t run around.\”Thanks for the warning.Shanghai arched his hand. Obviously this middle-aged man did not have the slightest malice. Such a person is rare in the black prison. He immediately said, \”Can you tell me the direction to the third floor?\”Are you going to the third floor? The middle-aged man was slightly moved, staring at Shanghai in surprise for a long time, \”Are you trying to get through the second floor?\”Have this idea.Arrogant, you just want to get through the second floor if you are only at the top of the Fourth Blessed One? It\’s a silly dream. I advise you to stay here, otherwise it will be too late to regret it when you suffer a big loss. said the middle-aged man. It’s not that he looks down on Shanghai, but that the second level is much more dangerous than imagined. Not only are there many terrifying opponents here, there are also those gods who have been eroded by ghosts. These guys are not like those who are still smart. God will be so easy to deal with.Even the middle-aged man himself is not sure to get through the second floor, let alone Shanghai, which is the pinnacle of the Fourth World Zun.


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