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\”Where is she now?\” someone asked.

boom!The other side of the ripple of life and death broke open, and Shanghai was about to swoop out. The piece that broke open quickly condensed together again, and the expression suddenly stagnated. Is it really impossible to open it? Looking at the ripples of life and death that enveloped him, it was getting closer and closer.呲呲…There was a burst of severe pain all over my body, I saw that the body was densely covered with bloodstains, the skin had been cracked, and even the flesh and blood began to be torn. This is still the situation where the ripples of life and death have not yet come. In the case of the body, even the ancient demon sacred body is difficult to resist.The same is the magical skill of reincarnation of life and death, why is the difference so big… Shanghai didn\’t understand, and his heart was full of incomprehensibility. .In three years, Shanghai has spent a whole three years, and the comprehension of the reincarnation of life and death has reached the level of Dzogchen, but in order to still be unable to fight against it, is it because his power of reincarnation is too weak? Or does it mean that the other party has realized the extreme?But Dzogchen is the ultimate.The same extreme is against the extreme, why is my own reincarnation of life and death so weak?Shanghai couldn\’t figure it out. He didn\’t make a move because it was a futile move. If this issue is not clear, then he will undoubtedly lose.咻咻…The ripples of life and death had already enveloped, and Shanghai took a deep breath. He was wondering whether it was time to use the final hole card. He was about to incorporate the power of life and death. Suddenly he noticed the blue veil from the corner of his eye. The fluctuations of the reincarnation of life and death that appeared on his body, the special fluctuations, were difficult for ordinary people to catch, but in the face of Shanghai with Tianjue, he was directly caught by him.That trace of mystery immediately made Shanghai transparent. He understood that he had been deceived from the beginning. It was not just the magical skill of reincarnation of life and death, but also contained another magical skill of reincarnation. In other words, this Those in blue gauze use not one, but two reincarnation skills.That\’s why this ripple of life and death was caused, which was stronger and more terrifying than Shanghai\’s own life and death frontline… If it had not detected this, Shanghai would not understand why it faced such a dilemma.Now that I understand, everything is easy to handle.The black and white points in Shanghai’s eyes expanded rapidly, and in his pupils, a piece of heaven and earth was slowly revealed. That was another power of reincarnation, and it was also the power of his magic in the last two months. The life-and-death crisis has penetrated into 1,500 feet, and got it.It\’s just that, unlike before, he only developed another reincarnation skill at the beginning, but at this moment, he has shrunk this reincarnation skill into the reincarnation skill of life and out!The ripples of life and death have completely enveloped Shanghai.The outcome is decided! The blue gauze said lightly. There is almost no possibility for the person who is enveloped by the ripples of life and death to break free. The only result is to die sooner and later. Of course, she will not kill anyone, at most it will make Shanghai suffer.Ugh……


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