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After Jane Xi came up and saw that she was the only one to conduct the assessment, she couldn\’t help sighing. It seems that the alchemists in this low-level continent are really scarce!

The black-clothed woman sneered coldly, \”Are you qualified to let us target it? However, you can\’t escape death if you made such a move.\” Her eyes were also full of anger.Then what? Shanghai was puzzled, his expression showing a trace of vigilance.Also pretending to be stupid? If it weren\’t for you to fall into the Divine Emperor Avenue, how could the Divine Emperor Avenue disappear quickly, causing me to miss the opportunity to enter the inner layer. The black-clothed woman\’s words were full of resentment, no wonder, inside. There is the inheritance of the Primordial God Emperor in the layer, they are the top powerhouses of the young generation of the four great imperial palaces, maybe some of them will be inherited.Once inherited from the Primordial God Emperor, he will surely soar into the sky in the future and become a dazzling figure in the world. However, when he was about to step into the inner layer, he fell into the outer layer and missed the Primordial God Emperor’s inheritance. I was angry, and now I saw Shanghai, and I naturally blamed all this on Shanghai.What does the divine emperor Avenue have to do with me? What\’s more, the divine emperor inheritance, those who have the chance to get, if you fall, then you have lost the opportunity, why bother to force it. Shanghai retorted.You dare to talk more, and see if I won\’t break your mouth. The black-clothed woman was furious, her figure moved, she appeared in front of Shanghai in an instant, swept over with a palm, and the terrifying power surged. Out, I saw five reincarnation magical skills one after another.Sixth World Zun level…Shanghai\’s expression changed instantly. This level was already equivalent to a high-level god general, and the delicate body of the black-clothed woman seemed to be full of a kind of terrifying power, and she saw a hint of golden glow in her hand. Only with special physique.Although it is not a special physique unique to Taikoo, a person with this physique will inevitably have a not weak advantage over the average cultivator. The special physique of the black-clothed woman has increased the power of her hand. 50%.Taishi eight styles, four magical skills of reincarnation!Shanghai punched out.boom……The power of a punch was turned into nothing, and the terrifying power directly rushed into his body, and the whole right arm burst and almost died.Dare to block it! Let\’s use another arm to block you. The black-clothed woman\’s face was cold and her figure moved again.The triangular-eyed man in the rear crossed his chest with his hands crossed, and he had no idea of ​​making a move. Because there was no need to make a move, he had already seen Shanghai\’s ability, but he was only at the level of the gods, although he could exert the power equivalent to five kinds of reincarnation moods. , But the two are completely different.The gap between the Fifth World Zun and the Sixth World Zun is a huge difference, so the black-clothed woman alone is enough to kill Shanghai.With a palm facing each other, the woman in black obviously intends to slap Shanghai, and the power of this slap will definitely completely shatter the head once it is shot.If you scrap my arm, then you have to pay a sufficient price.Shanghai’s eyes flickered with a gleam of spirits, and in an instant, his spiritual thoughts rushed out. His current spiritual thoughts are far beyond the average God King. He has always faced strong powers around the God King’s level. Those who rarely can use divine mind.Now, what I have encountered is a powerful person at the sixth-worldly noble level, so I can try the power of divine consciousness.


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