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There was a moment of silence at the venue. The host coughed. He glanced at the box of the bidding female voice. His eyes were a little complicated. Others didn\’t know who was in it. Did he know that the female nun was a level 4 alchemy master, very young and, of course, very beautiful? What he wanted most these days was that she could come to the auction he presided over, Only at this time could her eyes stay on him and make him feel a little satisfied. Today she came, in the box where the voice was just made. That voice was her. No one could be more beautiful than her voice.

And the reason why he used it now was because he was too angry, and this son had just injured him, so he planned to kill Shanghai with this blow.threw up……A murky breath spouted out, faintly drifting out, like a light smoke, which would dissipate at any time, but this breath contained the power that Yousheng has condensed over the past 900,000 years, and the power of a quasi god emperor is extremely terrifying. Yes, let alone the strength of so many years.Shanghai didn\’t even look at the foul breath coming from it.You Sheng smiled coldly, \”Anyone who despises this quasi-emperor will pay a heavy price, and you are no exception. Let this quasi-emperor die.\”The smoky smoky air became extremely terrifying, and the void completely sank, and Shanghai was instantly enveloped in this stale air.suddenly!Shanghai opened his mouth and exhaled a strange gas, which was impressively immortal.Wow…Immortal energy mixed into that sulky breath, and the two were mixed together.It\’s not good… You Sheng\’s face changed drastically. He felt that his suffocated breath was being shaken away, and he hurriedly performed the secret method, but it was too late, and the stale breath was blown away. Naturally, the first person to bear the brunt was You Sheng himself, 900,000. How terrifying is the strength gathered in Nian, even You Sheng himself dare not easily resist it.呲…A secondary emperor weapon emerged from the sky, and it was a fan. Under the impetus of the quasi-divine emperor, it exerted the terrifying power of the secondary emperor. The fan was painted with a vast sky, and the sky in it was suddenly alive. , Enveloped You Sheng himself.boom……The stale air rushed past and hit the fan fiercely. With a wow, You Sheng Kuang squirted out a big mouthful of blood, his expression became slumped, he was obviously severely injured, and the fan was also shattered a bit, and the defensive power suddenly weakened.At this time, Shanghai flew over, the whole body was filled with extremely powerful black luster, and the pupils were shining with amazing light.Puff… You Sheng gritted his teeth and spit out a big mouthful of blood. The whole person was quickly surrounded by the blood. In an instant, it turned into blood and disappeared in the same place. Seeing You Sheng fled, Shanghai did not chase it, because he also knew it. , It is extremely difficult to kill a quasi god emperor.It was also quite thrilling just now. You Sheng\’s stale breath was enough to break Shanghai\’s bones, and even die on the spot. Fortunately, he has already condensed a trace of immortal energy. It is this ray of immortal energy that will all It\’s broken, of course he has another assassin, it\’s not a big problem to keep himself.When the quasi-divine emperor fled, the powerhouses of the four great imperial palaces naturally did not dare to stay any longer.But there was one person who did not leave, and it was indeed the emperor Sheng Tianzhi.


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