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However, she was fast, and the middle-aged friar was not slow. In addition, the middle-aged friar was much more familiar with the terrain in the green city than she was, so he soon chased very close. At this time, Jane Xi could see the Danshi tower of Danshi guild from a distance, but it had been stopped by the middle-aged friar.

How terrifying is the background of the Fall of Gods League?If you use a rough comparison, even if it is a thousand gods of the gods, it may not be comparable to the gods of death, and to destroy the inheritance of gods is tantamount to opposing the entire gods of death, and it is also a death penalty, even if it is As an elder, the Six Profound Gods could not protect him either.No, Brother Leng will not do such extreme things. If Brother Leng really did this, he would have already shocked the entire Shenmeng, and you won\’t know it yet. Go, let\’s go back first. Take a look and make plans, Shanghai said.Hearing that, Mu Ningxue\’s complexion is a little better, and they are also quite worried about this. They are not afraid of being implicated, but Leng Yihang will die here, and Shanghai is like brothers. How can they sit back and watch by then? reason? What happens later will be difficult to control.The group of three quickly returned to the hall where they lived.Shanghai did not stay at all, but went straight to the side hall where Leng Yihang lived. The furnishings inside were the same as when he checked in, but he did not make a rash decision, but carefully looked at everything in the side hall, and all his perceptions were released. .Sister Ningxue and I have also been here, and we checked it carefully, and there is nothing unusual.Um!Shanghai responded without saying anything, and continued to observe the surroundings carefully. The two women on the side did not speak any more, but looked around for help.Suddenly, when Shanghai walked to the center of the side hall, he stopped. With super strong perception, he smelled a very faint bloody smell. Although the bloody smell was inaudible, he still felt it. , Immediately walked to the jade bed.What\’s wrong?Did you find something?Facing the second girl’s question, Shanghai didn’t say a word, but just slammed it. The jade bed suddenly shattered, and a hole appeared immediately below. This hole was very special, only half a palm, and showed a sputtering appearance on all sides. It felt like something extremely hot fell below and burned it.As the jade bed collapsed, the smell of blood wafting from the cave became stronger, even the second daughter of Mu Ningxue could smell it.This is… Mu Ningxue\’s second daughter seemed to have guessed something, and her face suddenly faded.Brother Leng vomited blood, and it\’s still blood… Shanghai\’s expression became serious. Leng Yihang deliberately covered it with a jade bed, obviously he didn\’t want to let others notice it, so why did he do this? ? He remembered that when he wanted to check Leng Yihang\’s injury, Leng Yihang refused.obviously!Leng Yihang\’s injuries were much heavier than Shanghai\’s expectations, and these injuries might not only harm him, but even have a lifespan.Although Liuxuan Shenzun said that Leng Yihang still has decades of lifespan, but that is only a rough estimate. If his injury is heavier, the loss of lifespan will be greater. Now Leng Yihang After spitting out blood and covering it up, Shanghai predicted the worst result.That is, Leng Yihang knew that he had waited only ten years with his own injury…


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