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Sure enough, the coachman at the early stage of foundation construction accepted it at the price of 30 spirit beads. Jian Xi picked up Xiao Siyu and entered the car. Obviously, there was a simple space array in the trunk, making the space inside more spacious than outside.

Um!Qi Ling whispered: \”You should know that even if you reach the level of a god emperor, there will be a day when your lifespan is exhausted. The lifespan of a general god emperor is only about five million years at most. This age is very important for your human race. In other words, it’s a long time, but for the whole world, it’s just a matter of seconds.\”Only by becoming the legendary\’immortal\’, that is, the master of the world, can you live with the world and live forever. Qi Ling\’s tone was full of yearning.Isn\’t the fairy a legend?Yes, it is a legend. No one has seen it and no one knows it. Maybe, even if there is, even at the level of the god emperor, he will find the existence of immortals, because immortals have surpassed everything, including all the avenues and laws in the world. .Does the secret matter in the legend have something to do with immortals? Shanghai asked subconsciously.Well, there is indeed a connection. Do you know why the Divine Emperor of Extreme Ice, who is not a humanoid creature, can achieve the position of Divine Emperor? Is it also an emperor since the immortal age? Qi Ling asked rhetorically.Hearing this, Shanghai couldn\’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning. From this sentence, he had already guessed something, \”You mean that the extremely ice god emperor was able to form an emperor as an inhuman, perhaps because he obtained some kind of immortal law. ?\”It’s not wrong for you to understand that. God Emperor Ji Bing has a fortune beyond ordinary people. According to God Emperor Taishi, God Emperor Ji Bing may have obtained the Immortal Law. It is precisely because of this that this God Emperor can Non-human formation is the position of the god emperor, and the strength surpasses the god emperors. Qi Ling nodded and said.Hearing this secret incident, Shanghai couldn\’t help but shake his heart. Immortal is a legend. Whether it exists is still unknown, but the ice god emperor has obtained the law of immortality. Could there be immortals in this world?Live with the world, live forever, and become the master of the world…This has subverted Shanghai’s original cognition. The highest realm he pursued at the beginning was naturally at the level of the god emperor, because he had not seen the existence of a strong person above the god emperor. Now, he has learned that the extremely ice god emperor cultivates immortals. The law, even the Emperor Taishi was sure of this matter.Does the existence of the law of immortals mean the existence of immortals? That being the case, then the immortal is the real top of the world…At this moment, the mood in Shanghai was ups and downs, and it took a long time before it calmed down.What does the law of immortality have to do with this altar? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.The law of immortality is located in this altar. Qi Ling said astonishing.In this altar?Shanghai was startled, his eyes scanned the surrounding altar again. Except for the quaint and mysterious lines of the whole altar, he could not feel the rest of the uniqueness of the altar at all. The only difference was that the surrounding area was densely covered with a large number of extremely ice emperor patterns.Yes, it\’s in this altar.Qi Ling nodded and said, \”Don\’t look at it, even if the emperor can\’t see through it,


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