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Chapter 412 auction (2) (make up the first watch of yesterday)

The end of the era…Conform to…Shanghai chewed carefully for a moment, and then his gaze revealed resoluteness. Are you compliant? He never complied with anything. From the time of cultivation till now, has he not gone retrograde? Has the end of the era come? This is not necessarily true, and it is difficult to say clearly what will happen in the future.Afterwards, Shanghai opened the Qiankun bracelet. When I saw the materials inside, I was shocked, because there were more than ten sets, but 20 sets. Each set is made of eight materials with ancient and wild patterns, so they add up to one. One hundred and sixty kinds.Purple Fox actually left him twenty sets of materials…Recalling the unspeakable faint flashing in the eyes of Zihu at that time, Shanghai suddenly understood that Zihu was not a free body, but was restricted by the power she was in, and she knew that the end of the era was coming, and the only thing she could do That is, strive for more capital.These 20 sets of materials were won by Zihu. She knew that she was the top-ranked barren pattern master, and she would definitely need more materials to cope with future troubles.It’s just that Shanghai doesn’t understand why Zihu did such a move in Longyang Pavilion in the first place…While thinking about it, Shanghai suddenly noticed that in this universe bracelet, there was actually a jade slip for communication. This thing was piled in the material, not very eye-catching. If you don’t check the material, you can’t detect it. Inform the existence of Yujian.With a thought, the jade slip of communication came out.Bang!The message of the jade slip broke apart, and the mind of Shanghai was absorbed into the world.Brother Hao, Sister Zihu rescued me, don\’t worry, I am fine now. As for what Sister Zihu did in Longyang Pavilion, it is for you to become the ancient demon as soon as possible… Sister Fox let me stay here and practice hard. There is a cultivation method that suits me. I miss you very much, but I know that if I keep following you, it will always be your drag. I want to help you, so I will stay. Cultivating here, wait until the body of the holy spirit is completed… Mu Ningxue\’s voice poured into her ears.Achieve ancient magic as soon as possible…Shanghai was startled, and the doubts in his heart were immediately resolved.It turns out that the purple fox knows that she cares about Mu Ningxue the most, so she asked her to stimulate all her ancient demon bloodlines and achieve the ancient demon in one fell swoop. In the past, Tiangang real person became an ancient demon because of his emotions to the extreme. It is a pity that Zi Fox didn\’t know that this method was useful for real Tiangang, but it was useless for Shanghai, because his will was too tough to inspire 800,000 drops of ancient demon blood.If you become an ancient demon, with the current state of Shanghai, you will become stronger, and it will be much easier to deal with upcoming troubles in the future.Thinking of this, Shanghai sighed. It seems that he had misunderstood the purple fox before.Converging his mind, Shanghai looked at 20 sets of materials. With his current refining ability, it only takes five years to refine a complete set of eight barren patterns, but now he needs to go to his grandfather and others. As for the rest, let\’s do it step by step.Elder He, there are already relatives whereabouts, and I plan to go to the far north of the spiritual realm to find it tomorrow. A message was sent from Shanghai.


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