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I can really take it out. It doesn\’t seem to be a dream.

Sun Luo also exerted the strongest attack and killing power. The two collided, Shanghai\’s right arm was torn apart, and Sun Luo\’s fleshy wings were also broken. The injury is inevitable, otherwise the red horned monster Will doubt, of course, this injury is nothing to them.In the end, Shanghai was captured by Sun Luo.Mr. Blood, he has been caught by me. Sen Luo turned back and said to Blood Horn after imprisoning Shanghai.Very good. The performance is quite good. Xuejiao nodded, and glanced at Shanghai, \”It was an ancient demon…you should imprison him first, and don\’t let him run away. As for the handling later, I\’ll talk about it when I come back.\”Master Blood, this guy was caught by me, isn\’t it up to me to deal with it? Sen Luo asked quickly.If it\’s an ordinary guy, you can deal with it at will, but this person is an ancient demon, so you can\’t deal with this matter, and I can\’t deal with it. Yes! Sen Luo felt tight, but he still responded.Afterwards!The blood horns did not suspect that he was there, disappeared in place, and left. After waiting for a while, Sen Luo released Shanghai\’s imprisonment.Brother, go, I will take you out of here. Sen Luo said.Yeah! Shanghai nodded.Immediately the two rushed out and Senluo led the way. The monsters in the past did not dare to deal with Shanghai. Soon they came to the edge of the nest. When they saw the completely imprisoned nest, Senluo\’s face suddenly changed.Blocked… Bloodhorn blocked all the nest… Sen Luo\’s cheeks twitched.You can\’t turn it on?Except for the blood horn, no one can open this forbidden lair, even if it is forced to break open, these bans are made by the fourth monster emperor himself.Chapter 1643 Demon Sacred PoolShould we try to break open? Sen Luo said in a deep voice.No, this will alarm the other demons. Shanghai shook his head.If the other demons came, they would definitely find that Senluo had recovered, and Senluo would also be in danger by then.Then what to do? You can\’t stay here, otherwise it will be impossible to leave when the blood horn returns. Sen Luo said anxiously.

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