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Second aunt, what delicious food have you brought? I want to eat. Li Simin\’s son is also a traitor, lazy, greedy and slippery. More than ten guys hang out with the scumbags in the village all day. Seeing that his second aunt came back with a pile of things, she hurried home.

Under the punch of King Babuwang, Yan Wushuang\’s body of the demon mother was almost shattered, so her body recovered, but this terrifying force was strangling towards Yan Wushuang.I\’m not dead yet…then I\’ll give you another blow. Babu Wang was about to take another shot, suddenly the power that caused the hearts of all the reincarnated bodies in the presence to tremble.I saw that virtual body was actually absorbing the fragments of the Demon Mother\’s body. With the continuous influx of fragments, a nearly perfect body appeared in front of everyone. This body was almost in golden ratio. Every muscle is in harmony with the laws of the world.How can this be… the body of the demon mother has not been crushed, why the first demon emperor Zhe Yu can still condense the body… the ancient god emperor Yu trembled.We were all wrong. Originally, we thought that the first demon emperor Zhe Yu was based on the body of the demon mother, reshaping the body, but ignored a key issue. The first demon emperor Zhe Yu is not yet in the body of the demon mother. He already possesses such a powerful force, it means that he can already come out of the womb, but because of the body of the demon mother, he can’t make money.Get off. \”Xiaoyao Taoist said slowly.What you mean is that our just shot, not only didn\’t hurt the first demon emperor Yu, but promoted his thorough growth? A god emperor reincarnated body said solemnly.Yes. Xiaoyao Taoist nodded slightly.Hearing that, the face of the reincarnation body of the god emperor present has become extremely difficult to look at. Not only is it the first demon emperor Yu\’s body shaping, the key is that what they have done before is in vain.At this moment, pieces of scale armor appeared on the body of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu. These scale armor contained the meaning of a terrifying true dragon. It was a dragon scale. Shanghai could recognize it. Obviously, this first Demon Emperor Zhe Yu is growing in the direction of Dragon Demon.呲…Behind the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, two big bags appeared, and then the big bag was torn, and a pair of huge flesh wings emerged. These flesh wings were extremely dark, exuding the reincarnation of the god emperor present. The body feels the breath of heart palpitations.With the body form of the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, all the reincarnation bodies of the god emperor present felt terrible pressure. This pressure made them taboo. They didn\’t do anything for a while, but were waiting for something. , They are not afraid of death, but the previous futile effort made the reincarnation body of the god emperor present a little frustrated and hesitated to make a move.Taking advantage of the unprepared body of the reincarnation of the god emperor present, the body shape of Shanghai that had recovered to almost the same extent moved, shuttled past, and grabbed Yan Wushuang, who was about to fall into the depths of the sky. At this moment, her eyes were blurred and her breath was extremely weak. After losing the body of the Demon Mother, she was not only beaten back to her original form, but also badly wounded on her body. Even the vitality of the first demon emperor Yu was sucked away by most.Shanghai… Yan Wushuang saw that it was Shanghai, and a layer of tears fell in his eyes. He pointed to the first demon emperor Zhe Yu, and said weakly and anxiously: \”Hurry up, save our children.\”our children……Shanghai was startled, looking in the direction that Yan Wushuang was pointing, he saw that the body of the first demon emperor Zheyu was rapidly taking shape, but at the moment when it was about to take shape, he saw a baby, and this baby was in the first demon emperor. Zhe Yu\’s body.The first demon emperor Zheyu has coincided with our child…You must save him…or he will die, please… Yan Wushuang pleaded bitterly.Don\’t worry, I\’ll save him… Shanghai nodded, and immediately moved and took Yan Wushuang to fly away. After traveling through the endless void, he found a safer place and took her Put it down, and gave her some life-sustaining treasures.After doing this, Shanghai went back.

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