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Hearing Li Sinong\’s voice, Li Siyu hurriedly said, it\’s my second sister. Help me get something into the house.

The guwu families who smelled the treasure were also attracted to Ruili by the uncertain news of the treasure, but before they got more accurate information, they had learned that the small family Liu Peisheng was attacked in the hotel and was injured and hospitalized. They knew that it was too late to start. The treasure had been robbed by two masked people, The Jia family, which has considerable influence on the underworld forces along the border, is also one of the key suspects of several other families. In this way, after Jian Xi and Xin Yu had returned by plane, Ruili fought again with open guns. There were casualties on both sides, but the treasure and the Jia brothers still had no information, and each family learned the exact news. The treasure was indeed obtained by the Jia family, but suddenly disappeared with the Jia brothers. The infighting continues. Every family has become the object of suspicion, and all families except himself have become possible opponents. Fortunately, these families are almost medium-sized families. Small families have automatically withdrawn from this confused vortex, and Liu Peisheng is also secretly glad that he almost lost his life because of this external object, With the inside information of the Liu family, how are these opponents who sneak into Ruili\’s family? The serious injury is the best result of his own guilt. After the injury recovered a little, he quickly left Ruili and returned to the family. He didn\’t dare to intervene in it again. Otherwise, an carelessness may lead the Liu family into an irreparable abyss. The families who stayed in Ruili also gradually found that they were just fighting. In addition to knowing that the Jia family had robbed the treasure from the Liu family, but lost it again, there was no evidence of who would be the beneficiary in other families. Therefore, they gradually turned their attention to outsiders and began to collect some other possibilities. The Jia family is the weakest among these families, but it is just because the Jia family lost both money and money that they were not suppressed by several other families. It is also a blessing in misfortune. The Jia family, especially Jia Gong, the elder of the Jia family, hopes to solve this mystery. Jia Gong is the eldest of the Jia family. His accomplishments are also the highest. He is one level higher than Jia Ren. He has four levels of accomplishments. He is the sea god needle of the Jia family in terms of force. The reason why he didn\’t become the leader of the Jia family is because of his extremely hot temper and unstable personality. Although he has the best martial arts talent, he didn\’t become the leader of the Jia family. He just became a great elder. After hearing the news, like a volcano erupting, Jia Gong killed two guards and informants who served him, and violently demolished the villa where he lived, because Jia Feng and Jia Yun were his direct grandchildren. Jia Gong had only one son, Jia Hu, 55 years old. He had a natural level of cultivation and was very talented, He also gave birth to two grandsons, Jia Feng and Jia Yun, who are equally talented. The progress of cultivation is comparable to that of Jia Lei, a genius of the Jia family, which makes Jia Gong proud and loves them very much. This task is a good opportunity for the two grandsons to earn meritorious deeds, which is very helpful to them and their future status in the Jia family, Because Jia Gong\’s children are very few and no more prosperous than Jia Ren, the owner of the family. Originally, he thought it was not a difficult task, but left him a missing message. The treasure was also missing. Jia Gong was furious at the news. He vowed to find the person who did it, let him or them suffer all kinds of inhuman torture, and ordered him to go down and try his best to trace the matter. The Jia family also has a person who vows to investigate this matter thoroughly, that is, Jia Ning, the only black man in the third generation of the family leader\’s lineage. He gave the intelligence to the family. He thought he would make a great contribution and make the family leader\’s grandfather look at it differently. Who knows that this matter will make his wife lose money and his wife lose soldiers. Not only the treasure is lost, but also the Jia Feng and Jia Yun brothers are missing. It is estimated that there are many good and bad luck, The elder Jia Gong had scolded him on the phone, saying that his information must have been leaked, which led to such a result. He was very angry and depressed. He did it at the beginning. How could it be leaked? But the elder didn\’t believe it, so he must find out this group of people to correct his innocence. He was quite depressed. His grandson lost both his property and waste, but he put the responsibility on him. He was all right and made a mess of himself. Jia Ning\’s usually gentle temperament was completely gone at the moment. He scolded his subordinates who reported nothing to him and immediately kicked them out. His sharp eyes were about to burst out fire at the moment. \”TMD, a bunch of waste!\” he punched on the broad boss\’s desk. Suddenly, the heavy wooden boss\’s desk was scattered like waste wood, and all the computers, data and other things on the desk were scattered on the ground. After a while, he gradually calmed down his anger and let people come in to clean up the house. When he sat in front of another new boss again, his face returned to the appearance of a gentle young master in the future. No one could see that he was a big drug lord in the border area. The reorganized materials on the table are also neatly placed on it. The first page is the picture of Cang Xinyu. The handsome and childish face attracted a little attention of janing when she was young Chapter 104 uninvited guests Jia Ning tidied up his mood, calmed down and gave people a feeling of spring breeze again. He held two photos in his slender hands, one for a 16-year-old boy and one for a girl of similar age. The boy was handsome and the girl was as beautiful as heaven. After looking at two photos for a while, I put them down and picked up some A4 paper printed materials. The stack of information now on Jianing\’s desk are all people who appeared nearby before and after the incident. No matter men, women, young and old, the people under Jianing are screening little by little like the police solving the case. Several medium-sized families are also investigating each other. Instead of looking at the CD, Jia Ning searched the Internet according to the content given in the data. In the video, the vigorous and flexible figure of the youth appeared in the falling leaves. Although Jia Ning has a general talent in martial arts, he grew up in a family with ancient inheritance and has some vision. The young man named Cang Xinyu\’s sword technique is really powerful. It\’s just the sword Qi brought by the blade. The fallen leaves are like rain. You know, the sword can release the sword Qi, but it can only be achieved in the congenital period, but how old is this young man? Sixteen or seven, how can it be congenital? In fact, Xinyu\’s current strength is no more than an expert in the congenital period, but his cultivation is not ancient martial arts, but the cultivation of true martial arts. His aura is released. He can do it in the middle of Qi cultivation. In addition, huntian sword itself is the sword technique in the cultivation world. Can it be compared with a less powerful ancient martial arts?

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