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Although my sister-in-law is not as bad tempered as before, he is still afraid.

In addition to the fact that the four of Jane Xi are grade skippers, 98% of their senior three students have reached or will soon reach the age of 18. The school holds an adult ceremony for senior three students every year. Although Jane Xi and others are not enough, this is a collective activity and should also participate. Jane Xi didn\’t care too much about this matter. Most of their thoughts were on cultivation. Ruo Nan and Xinwei had deeply realized the benefits and worked hard. And the relationship between them became closer and closer. Jian Xi and Xin Yu often joked with them about it, and their parents learned about it, but all acquiesced. What\’s more, Xinwei\’s family plans to move in a few days. The villa here has been fully completed and has been cleaned up. They only wait for the warm flowers in spring to move. Jian Xi and Xin Yu are very happy, so they are much more convenient in a community. Xin Wei is here. If men are here, they will come here. Chapter 212 Xinwei moving Five? 1、 No. 1 middle school had a good day off. When the notice was given the first day, the whole senior three was boiling. All the senior three students in Shushan\’s topic sea cheered, \”finally had a day off!\” For the first time, four children who are already senior three graduates slept and slept in. This feeling can not be obtained by meditation and practice. Since entering senior three, they have hardly slept except for the Spring Festival holiday for a week. They all use meditation and practice instead of rest, which can better restore their spirit. But, five? At nine o\’clock on that day, several people got up. There was no other reason. It was just because today was the day for Xinwei\’s family to move. Why did they have to move today? Because only today is the day when all four children can stay at home. On weekdays, they make up classes every day until late at night. They can\’t catch up with anything at home, so Wang Mingfu specially set the day on this public holiday. In half a year, the accomplishments of Jian Xi and Xin Yu have not changed much, but their accomplishments have become very stable in the later and early stages of foundation construction. Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge has lit up a word again. The scope of divine knowledge has spread and shrouded has become larger, and the divine knowledge stab has been mastered more clearly, but it has no place to play so far; Ruo Nan is now very stable on the second floor of gas refining; The three layer of Xin Wei gas has also reached its peak. It may break through into the four tier at any time. The progress has been pretty good, and the academic record has also been leaping forward like a male. It has leapt to the top ten from the middle level when it just entered the third year of senior high school, while Jane Yu and Xin Yu ranked first and second. I\’m even more grateful for the original decision, that is, I made a good friend with the Secretary of the municipal Party committee and got these treasures, which made No. 1 middle school once again reach the peak position of provincial key schools. The accomplishments of Yuan\’s father, Yuan\’s mother and the two elders of Jane\’s family have also reached a higher level. Yuan\’s father and Yuan\’s mother have both reached the fifth floor of gas refining, while grandpa Jane is also the fifth floor of gas refining, and grandma Fang is the sixth floor of gas refining. However, she has just reached the rank and is not too stable. Jian Xinyan said on the phone that she has achieved the cultivation of the eighth level of Qi refining, which surprised Jane Xi. The speed is too fast. The single spiritual root is too rebellious. Everyone\’s accomplishments have increased, which makes Jane Xi very happy. The higher their accomplishments, the stronger their self-protection ability, and the corresponding increase in their life span. Then she will not be lonely in her future practice journey. Family. How nice to have friends with you! It is worth mentioning that Xinwei\’s father Wang Mingfu also has spiritual roots, which are also based on soil attributes. However, it is a four system spiritual root, which is somewhat complex, but it can be cultivated. After thinking for a long time, Jian Xi chose to tell Xin Wei and Ruo Nan the truth. So there are five? On the day of moving, four people, including Xin Yu, were in a room in Xinwei\’s rather luxurious villa. \”Jane Xi, what are you talking about? Xinwei and I are not practicing the ordinary ancient martial mind method, but the immortal cultivation skill?\” Ruo man asked with staring eyes. \”HMM. yes, I didn\’t tell you before. I\’m afraid you don\’t believe it and can\’t accept it, because not everyone can practice immortal cultivation. Unless you have qualified spiritual roots, you can\’t practice at all. It happens that both of you have spiritual roots. If you are male, you are water, earth and wood spiritual roots, mainly wood spiritual roots, Xin Wei, you are earth and gold spiritual roots, mainly soil, Therefore, the cultivation methods for you are \”Mulan Jue\” and \”Shuo Tu Jue\”. What you have in your body is not true Qi, but Reiki, and you already have a preliminary divine consciousness, but you are still very weak. \”Jian Xi was not surprised by Ruo man\’s surprise, but calmly explained all this to him. \”Jane Xi, didn\’t you tease us?\” if the man pasted Jane Xi\’s forehead with his hand, Xin Wei\’s usually smiling face is now serious. \”If you are male or Xin Wei, I\’m sorry I didn\’t tell you this at that time, but what I said is absolutely true. This skill will not only increase your strength, but also prolong your life. When you have advanced accomplishments, your life will also increase. It\’s not impossible to live for hundreds of years or thousands of years, but the aura of our earth is thin now It will be very difficult to cultivate to that level. \”Jane Xi didn\’t pick all the good ones to say. \”Jane Xi, Xiuxian, it is said in the novel that they all know magic, can you? Perform it for me and Ruo Nan, so that we can believe it.\” the little fat man\’s attention was soon attracted by another topic he was very interested in and asked urgently. With Xinwei\’s reminder, Ruo Nan is also excitedly echoing and urging. \”Ha ha, I guess you think so. You stare at it with wide eyes,\” said Jane Xi with a smile, and her people became lighter and lighter under the concentration of Ruo Nan and Xinwei until they disappeared completely. Ruo Nan and Xin Wei exclaimed in surprise, while Xin Yu, who had been watching the interaction between the three, also disappeared in front of the two. However, immediately, Ruo Nan and Xin Yu were blindfolded by their two hands, which frightened them into shouting. However, they quarreled with them in the laughter behind Jian Xi and Xin Yu. Xin Wei\’s fat body jumped at Xin Yu and Ruo Nan jumped at Jian Xi, Jian Xi and Xin Yu didn\’t resist, but a few people made a mess in Xinwei\’s super large new bedroom.

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