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I\’ve never seen anything so fragrant. I can\’t control it at all.

Isn\’t our home the same? Don\’t we really have no descendants in the earthly world? \”This time, we haoyimen must get these good seedlings. This time, the younger generation coming from our hometown has really good qualifications and can add a lot of fresh blood to our schools!\” \”Good seedlings can\’t let people go to you hao. Our Qinghong gate is no worse than you hao. We have a crush on these two young people with strange spirit roots. I say, old friend, we\’ll have a fight at that time, ha ha ha.\” \”The Jane family woman who is only shuilinggen, our sect is in love. At that time, none of you can compete with our Xuannv palace.\” a beautiful voice also joined them. Both on and off the stage, there was a commotion because of another strange spiritual root. Seeing this, the old man on the stage coughed a few times, subdued his inner shock and began to remind these sects and families to be quiet. After all, the spiritual root test has only been carried out for one third. Yu Muyang\’s wind system is a single alien spirit root. With the affinity of 97, he is extremely fast in the process of cultivation, so he practices much faster than others even if he doesn\’t work hard. In addition, in Kunyuan, he can\’t advance to the golden elixir stage anyway, so he uses his energy in other aspects when he is a little discouraged, For example, he studied western medicine and so on. He didn\’t take his cultivation seriously until he met Jian Xi for the second time, because he couldn\’t stand the situation that his cultivation was much lower than his beloved girl, but until now, he couldn\’t catch up with Jian Xi, but all this didn\’t make him lose heart. He knew that his situation was that he didn\’t work hard before and that he didn\’t make gold pills, With his excellent Linggen qualification, it should not be too difficult to quickly improve his strength with sufficient resources. He has full confidence in this point, but the premise is that he has to close his eyes first. He can\’t think that his spiritual root is excellent, so he can win the victory. Cang Xinyu, who is very close to Jian Xi, is no worse than himself. Although he has more golden Linggen, his affinity is one, almost nothing, but his ice alien spiritual root has reached ten, This is a perfect value, so they can\’t say who has better qualifications. From the bottom of his heart, he is jealous of Cang Xinyu, because Cang Xinyu can accompany his Jane for so many years. But Yu Muyang doesn\’t have the feeling of jealousy and hatred. He\’s not so narrow-minded. Xinyu also looked at the man who walked off the stage calmly. Their clothes are still the habits of the earth. Yumuyang and cangxinyu are almost the same, almost all of them are jeans, T-shirts and tourist shoes, which is very convenient and comfortable. This Yu Muyang has always been very good to his mother. It can be seen that he likes his mother, but his mother has never responded. He once asked her privately whether he likes Yu Muyang. If so, as a son, he doesn\’t mind his mother\’s second spring. The consequence of saying that was to usher in Jane Xi\’s soul chasing and life-threatening pinch, which drove him everywhere, but in the end, her mother said that she didn\’t feel that way about him for the time being, but was it also influenced by her father? He saw the complexities between her mother\’s looks when her father and grandparents entered Kun garden that day. When will she be able to accept new feelings again after all her father\’s influence disappears? Cang Xinyu guessed, but then his mother didn\’t know whether it was life or death. Her heart sank again. Look at Fang Ailong and Fang Aijia in the line behind. If it weren\’t for the two brothers, her mother wouldn\’t have such a thing, and her life and death are still uncertain. Xinyu looked at the two brothers with resentment. Fang Aijia\’s cultivation was so low that there was nothing, but Fang Ailong felt that he was being watched, turned his head and looked in the direction of watching, but he didn\’t find who it was, but a trace of coldness climbed up his body. \”Wang Mingfu, aged 45, has four layers of cultivation for refining Qi, three spiritual roots of fire, gold and earth, six fire, five gold and two earth.\” \”Liu Tianhao, 20 years old, has six layers of cultivation for refining Qi, fire wood double spiritual roots, fire eight and wood eight\” \”Jiang Fenglong, 22 years old, has four layers of cultivation for refining Qi, three spiritual roots of earth, water and wood, eight earth, three water and five wood\” \”Fang Hongyuan, aged 83, reached the peak in the middle of building the foundation. He is only Lei Linggen and Lei jiuer.\” Boom – \”another strange spirit root, or a single thunder spirit root, although it is not as young as the previous Friar and its attribute affinity is a little poor, but looking at his body, I think he should have been a martial arts practitioner before and his qualification is really good.\” \”Yes! I think he should have practiced too late. Otherwise, he would have achieved more than what he has achieved today. However, no matter what, although the cultivation achievement of a monk in his eighties is too low, his qualification is too good. It is not difficult to get pills and babies.\” \”Yu Zhaolin, aged 35, has cultivated eight layers of Qi refining, four spiritual roots of gold, wood, fire and earth, three metal, five wood, seven fire and three earth\”

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