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Li Siyu smiled and nodded to him.

Is this woman Liu Peirong, qijiexin\’s stepmother? Sure enough, it\’s not a simple one. It\’s just that the appearance, appearance and changeable temperament can attract the eyes of many men. Jane Xi stood aside and quietly observed the new mother and son here. \”Next to her is the woman\’s youngest son, Qi Jiekang. I heard from Han Xing that his stepmother\’s youngest son has unparalleled wisdom and talent. I don\’t know how much better than his straw bag brother, but Liu Peirong prefers his stupid brother, but even so, it\’s OK for his younger son. At least it\’s the difference between heaven and earth compared with qijiehan star. \’Jian Xi\’s eyes no longer focus on Liu Peirong, who is making a cold noise with Long Yun, but turn to qijiekang, who is walking towards long linger next to her. Qi Jiekang, the youngest son of demon sect leader Qi jiexunyuan, is twenty-four years old. He achieved cultivation at the beginning of his exit. Qi Jiexing\’s half brother is intelligent and low-key. Look at his very handsome face, with a faint smile, not far or near, which makes people feel powerful and approachable. He holds this scale very well. \”This character is more complicated than his mother Liu Peirong! But who is the simple one? Look at long linger and you\’ll know. There is no fool in the world. Jian Xi smiled at long linger\’s reaction. \”Ling\’er. Long time no see. Congratulations on your safe return.\” qijiekang\’s lips rose slightly. He bowed his hand slightly, and his tone was calm and natural, as if this should have been said. People don\’t feel flattery at all. On the contrary, they are very comfortable. \”Tongxi, thank you for childe Qijie\’s concern. Ling\’er is also very happy.\” long ling\’er also appears generous, but Jian Xi feels a little different while she is polite and polite. Well, it was the fleeting affection in his eyes. Soon, almost no one noticed it, but Jian Xi, who had been observing the two people, and Qi Jiekang, who was also observing long linger, also found it. Qijiekang\’s eyes flashed a touch of imperceptible satisfaction and pride, which was equally fast and difficult to grasp, but this scene was also discovered by Jianxi. \”These two people are very interesting! No wonder long linger didn\’t feel much about Ruan Tiancheng. It turned out that she was attracted to the boy. \’Jane Xi didn\’t dare to stare at them. When she noticed these things, she looked away. But even so, he was discovered by qijiekang, who was also sensitive to the spirit. He turned his eyes slightly and looked at the side and rear of long linger. The woman in white was slender and beautiful. A white jade like skin was lined with cloud like hair, and the half of her cheeks and neck showed a perfect radian. Her head turned to one side and didn\’t look at qijiekang. She also felt the eyes from qijiekang. She was surprised. Qijiekang had a strong sense of spirit. She just paid a little attention to them and was found by them. However, for the time being, she had no other way. She just turned her eyes to other directions and was seeing the emperor\’s team, Ruan Tiancheng seems to be reporting something to a middle-aged man. Looking at the middle-aged man\’s bearing and aura, Jian Xi guesses that this man is at least an elder level, otherwise he can\’t have such authority. At this time, Ruan Tiancheng had just finished. He turned his face subconsciously to Jian Xi. He was seeing that Jian Xi was also looking at him. He smiled at Jane Xi, who could only smile, nodded, and then looked in the other direction. Ruan Tiancheng had a little loss on his face, and then turned around and continued to say something to the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man also took back the direction Ruan Tiancheng had just looked at and took a look at the girl who was so outstanding among so many young talents, handsome men and beautiful women. There was a trace of surprise and doubt in his eyes, but even if he converged, there was no trace, Continue to ask Ruan Tiancheng what he wants to know. Jane Xi didn\’t notice the eyes of the middle-aged people. She just wanted to find the team of 100 people from the low-level mainland and Dan Yunzi who led the team. She just talked to long linger. She came out of the low-level mainland and should go back with them, so she wouldn\’t be abrupt and follow long linger out of the secret place, In fact, I should want to get closer to long linger. As for the danger after coming out, Jane Xi believes that if she is found to be the person entering the core, long linger will not do anything for her just for this short friendship. But fortunately, now it seems that things are going well. For the time being, she is safe, so she will go back to her team. Anyway, after she goes back, she will participate in the entrance examination of Xuantian sect and really enter Xuantian sect. At that time, she will really become a person with a sect and be a family in name. In fact, if she wants to enter xuantianzong through long linger now, it\’s also very easy, but she doesn\’t want to do so. In that way, Jane Xi will feel that she owes long linger a lot. Although she thinks that entering xuantianzong with strength must be one of the few core disciples, she doesn\’t want to do so. In addition, she seems to have a thought in her heart that after Liu Tianhao returned from the Dan division meeting, she should tell her family and friends that she wants to participate in the entrance examination of xuantianzong. She also knows where her family and friends are. If time comes, she wants to take this opportunity to visit them in Dehua mainland where her family is located. Once she has been thinking about them, she doesn\’t know whether they are doing well or not? Jane Xi just glanced around for two times and found Dan Yunzi. His position at the moment was very close to Liu Shengtao. Just now Jane Xi didn\’t dare to look there more, so she didn\’t notice. Now her mood has been much calmer and less nervous, so she looked in that direction more calmly. When she found Dan Yunzi, Jian Xi turned her head and saw that the four people talking to the two pairs had become six or seven. There were two more people next to Long Yun and Liu Peirong. They were also a man and a woman. The middle-aged man was the one who spoke to Ruan Tiancheng before. The other woman, about 20 people, was amazed by the beauty of Xianrong and the moon, Her unique style and mature style seem to be better than Liu Peirong. Several people are talking and laughing with a smile. No one is different because many people have fallen from her door. Jane Xi can\’t help feeling sad for the monks who died in it, but it\’s none of her business. Besides, she killed many others.

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