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Thank you, sister-in-law.

She wants to comfort the poor woman She\’s so pathetic. The old couple are so pathetic She wants to tell them that their granddaughter is not dead and her daughter is not dead. How can it be burned to ashes? Not dead? Why do you say that? Why? Chapter 658 mainland upheaval Her mind has entered a chaotic stage. Her soul runs around in the room that makes her extremely depressed, tearing itself and desperately hitting on the grids, boxes, white walls and the ground All the time I don\’t know how long later, the door opened and an old couple came in. They couldn\’t see that they were still tearing their souls. They just looked bleak and came to Yuan Caiyi\’s urn. The old lady stroked the box and tears covered her old face a moment ago, \”Colorful clothes! You\’ve been away for three years. Xinyudu has passed the high school entrance examination this year and didn\’t do well. The child has been thinking about you. He misses you too much Cang Jun is going to get married. It\’s normal. When you go, people still have a good life. But after suffering Xinyu, we\’ve decided to let Xinyu live with us! However, the child was very stubborn and disagreed. He lived alone in the cabin of your family, and he didn\’t go with his father to the big house. He said that there was your memory in the small house. Every day after school, it was like you were still waiting for him at home Colorful clothes! Your father and I miss you too! For three years, mom often dreams about you in her dreams at night. If only that dream were true, mom also had your good daughter, Xinyu, and your mother. \” The old lady was weeping and chatting. On one side, the father who was tall and bent now was wiping her tears silently. I don\’t know when the soul stopped making trouble and calmed down. It would float around them. If the soul could cry. She was already in tears, but she couldn\’t cry. \”Mom\” \”Dad\” But they couldn\’t hear it until her mother finally wiped the box, and then forced a smile: \”Caiyi, if you have a spirit in heaven, bless Xinyu to be safe and happy all his life. Compared with him, his classmate is even more miserable. The girl named Mo Jianxi left on the same day as you, but her grandfather died of a heart attack that day. Her grandmother left the next day. Her father and mother divorced again, but her mother suffered a car accident yesterday, which is very sad Family. It\’s a broken family. They\’re all poor people! Colorful clothes. If you see their family over there, you should take care of them! What a pity! Your father, your mother and I haven\’t had a few years. We\’ve seen Xinyu grow up and the task has been completed. We\’ll find you and reunite there. Don\’t worry about your family. Just bless your son. OK. I\’m going to go, no more. \”The two old men stumbled away. She saw that her father was walking on crutches. What happened to his leg? Looking at the door closed again, she had no idea of going out again. She knew she couldn\’t get out, but her mother\’s words made her heart like crossing the river and pounding the sea. Rushui\’s memory impacted her. She was reborn in Jane\’s house and went to school with her son Xinyu. Qu Renan, Liu Tianhao and Wang Xinwei attended Mowei\’s wedding. The woman in black, those disgusting insects, the doctor approaching with the sun, her golden lotus space, practice, the end of the world, xuanqiu star, Moyun and qijiexin star She won\’t let those things happen before. Her grandparents won\’t die, and Jane\’s mother won\’t die. She will take them together. Whether it\’s the end of the world or all obstacles, she won\’t be lonely. They will practice together, and they will fly to the fairy world. She will become strong enough to protect them from any injury She remembered everything. The dark room in front of her gradually became brighter, brighter and brighter, until suddenly, the room disappeared. She opened her eyes, saw the deep eyes, and was looking at herself, regardless of the robbery cloud on her head, so close to herself.

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