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Li Siyu blinked, it should be in the canteen. What can I do for you?

For a moment, Fang Yang wondered how it was possible to put such things in the space ring according to the young man\’s wealth and temperament. Thinking of this, Fang Yang turned his wrist and released another attraction, and immediately put it in his hand. As soon as he got it, Fang Yang\’s face immediately changed: \”it\’s not a stone.\” Fang Yang didn\’t feel any stone characteristics on this thing, and Fang Yang gently felt it and found that there was an energy in this thing! Moreover, the characteristics of this energy are very strange. For a moment, Fang Yang can\’t guess what this thing is. While thinking in his heart, Fang Yang gradually strengthened his strength while holding this thing. \”Poof!\” a concussion came. Fang Yang\’s face changed and he felt numb in the mouth of the tiger. Almost instantly, Fang Yang couldn\’t help scolding: \”my day, there is a boundary!\” as soon as he came into contact with this thing, Fang Yang immediately felt that there was a boundary on the thing that Fang Yang couldn\’t see what it was. For a moment, Fang Yang only felt that he wanted to cry without tears. But on second thought, Fang Yang was happy again. Since it was something sealed by the boundary, it must be a good thing, and the boundary didn\’t seem to be as powerful as the boundary just now. Thinking of this, Fang Yang took a deep breath, grabbed the thing and exerted himself. \”Poof!\” a piece of blood flowed from the tiger\’s mouth immediately. The power of the boundary directly hurt Fang Yang\’s palm. Seeing this, Fang Yang knew that it was absolutely impossible to open this thing with his own strength. After thinking about it, Fang Yang took this thing, and then a white light flashed on his finger, and the nine palace sword appeared in Fang Yang\’s hand. \”Purple break!\” a fierce drink rolled out of Fang Yang\’s throat, and a purple dark spirit awn immediately shot out of Fang Yang\’s sword tip and directly chopped on it. \”Boom!\” a violent roar sounded, and the dark thing was turbulent. Then something shocked Fang Yang happened. As you can see, a fine awn immediately appeared on the palm sized thing. The strange fine awn wrapped it tightly, and then pieces of energy gushed out of it, In the blink of an eye, an energy shield was formed on this thing, and there were pieces of characters that Fang Yang couldn\’t understand.

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