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Qian Yuezhen has a small mind and doesn\’t want others to take advantage of her. The key is that there are so many advantages for you these days.

His palm tightly gripped tie Shantong\’s wrist. Tie Shantong\’s eyes sank and turned to the side: \”the guy looking for death dares to mind his own business!\” Meng Qianxue\’s eyes were also swept. When he saw the familiar figure, he exclaimed, \”Fang Yang!\” it was Fang Yang who arrived on time. Fang Yang\’s face was as cold as ice and stared at tie Shantong coldly: \”What are you going to do to my lady?\” \”You cheap servant! Get away, it\’s none of your business!\” Zhang Meng said bitterly. \”If you don\’t want to die, get downstairs immediately, or you\’ll look good.\” \”Oh? You\’re the girl\’s servant? Cultivation is really not good.\” Iron mountain Tong observed Fang Yang\’s Xuanqi cultivation, and immediately despised him. His arm trembled violently, and a strong force burst out, trying to break Fang Yang\’s bones. This hand is purely relying on the power of the flesh. In the past, iron mountain Tong did not use this move to deal with some small characters he disliked. Even the martial artists at the peak of the concentrated state dare not force to pick it up. Like this A thin and weak boy in the later stage of the concentration state. His trembling is enough to shatter the bones of his right arm! Iron mountain thinks it\’s good, but when it\’s really used, it seems that something is wrong. This once invincible move seems to have lost its effect on the upper Yang. Fang Yang\’s hands and arms are horizontal and motionless. The previous fierce domineering impact on his arm, but it\’s like Like a clay ox entering the sea, it didn\’t have any effect. The iron mountain was stunned on the same side. What\’s the matter? Fang Yang picked at the corner of his mouth: \”you don\’t have enough strength. That\’s the real strength.\” He had a kind of slightly trembling arm. The strength in his flesh and bones was squeezed and swarmed out in trembling. As soon as the iron mountain came into contact with him, his body shook, his face suddenly changed, and he loosened his palm in panic. He only felt that his arm seemed to have penetrated into a tornado of violent power, and it was almost broken. Rao was that he withdrew his hand fast enough, and his right hand was also in bursts Ma, look carefully at the cracks between the palms. They are not ordinary sword scratches, but wounds directly torn by power. \”This\” iron mountain Tongxin head was shocked. The two fought with small means, and others naturally couldn\’t see anything. Zhang Meng said ruthlessly: \”brother tie, what are you doing? This bitch is a small role. If you kill him, you\’ll kill him. There won\’t be any problem!\” \”Kill me? Hehe, how can you kill me? Is that so?\” Fang Yang stepped on his feet and rushed to Zhang Meng. Before the other party could react, he grabbed her pink neck and directly pulled her up. Zhang Meng\’s face was blue and purple and tried to earn a prick, but the attack was almost like scratching. Fang Yang\’s eyes were as cold as a spring: \”It seems that you have just said a lot of vicious words in your mouth. It seems that you need to be rectified.\” \”what do you want, servant! Let go of your dreams!\” Tian Baikang yelled. Fang Yang sneered and stood beside Meng Qianxue: \”do you want to be angry?\”

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