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Comrade Li.

\”In the Longyuan Dynasty, most of the evil people will choose to settle down in the Guya mountain, because here they are not afraid of the pursuit of the Longyuan Dynasty. Like the previous evil Longyuan Dynasty, martial artists with a reward of more than 50 or 60 million will be here.\” \”Some of them rely on their fame to pull up a group of forces and get involved in the Guya mountains, while others will join others. Either choice will make the forces in the Guya mountains grow.\” Liu Ziqian explained in detail: \”Black tooth regiment, you know, is actually a force of the bone tooth mountains, but it is famous for occupying Wusha city. In fact, the real strength may not be much stronger in the bone tooth mountains.\” Fang Yang suddenly nodded. No wonder there are few people like his reward in the Longyuan Dynasty. I dare to settle in the nether passage or the bone tooth mountains. \”You know so much.\” Fang Yang glanced at him curiously. Liu Ziqian touched his nose and just laughed. \”We don\’t know what will happen if we go in. We don\’t know how many people will survive.\” Liu Ziqian said. Fang Yanggang was about to speak. At this time, his heart suddenly jumped and subconsciously looked to one side. Wusha city was not far away from Guya mountain. After they left the city, they hurried to the entrance of Guya mountain. At the entrance, there was a canyon formed by two bare peaks. At first, the terrain of the canyon was relatively slow, but they could enter with them After reaching the canyon, it gradually became deep. It was almost dark in the distance, and the internal scene could not be seen clearly. Just at the entrance of the canyon, between the mountains and stones on both sides, the mysterious Qi suddenly burst out. \”Fang Yang, die!\” A series of explosive drinks came out, and then I saw more than 30 people suddenly rush out. More than 30 people are martial artists in the empty and dark world, dressed in standard clothes. It seems that they have been lying in ambush here for a long time, waiting for them to pass by. \”Clothes of Hunyuan mansion? People from the army!\” \”Hunyuan God punishment, be careful!\” When the crowd panicked, the appearance of more than 30 people was too sudden. In addition, some people proposed \”mixed yuan divine punishment\” The four words made many people\’s faces slightly changed. The elite troops in the Hunyuan mansion, the Hunyuan divine punishment, seemed to be the main force in the pursuit of killing. Undoubtedly, not all the people who could enter the Hunyuan divine punishment were elite. Now there are more than 30 empty and dark places, and the ambush is so deep, which shows their determination to kill Fang Yang. \”Just in time! I\’ve been waiting for you for a long time!\” shameless \”Fang Yang\” burst out.

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