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Li Siyu thought that she didn\’t have much money, so it was good to exchange things.

The silver thread snake is a treasure deliberately raised by the one eyed old woman against the strong. It is also a natural alien. It is not easy for her to get it. Ordinary Xuanqi defense is useless for the silver thread snake. It can directly enter the sea. The soul origin of most martial artists is extremely fragile. As long as the silver thread snake gets close to it, it will only be swallowed and die Field. Even some martial artists in the later period of the empty nether world can\’t stop the sudden blow of the one eyed old woman. When the silver thread snake appeared, it was a big mouth and bit it. The scene of Ka swallowing the soul didn\’t appear, and the silver thread snake\’s mouth gnawed directly on the hard cocoon. Fang Yang\’s soul origin is going through the step of turning into a butterfly at this time, and it is completely wrapped in the white soul silk thread Among the cocoons condensed, the cocoon has no other advantage, that is, it can highlight a hard one. Let alone a silver snake that is not very aggressive. Even the big yellow flower Python can\’t break the white cocoon in Fangyang\’s sea. \”It seems that it will disappoint you again.\” Fang Yang said in a voice. A cold fire quietly suspended next to the cocoon suddenly lit up, and the blue light rushed to the silver snake. As soon as the little silver snake was contaminated by the blue fire, it was in pain and twisted. The snake core breathed and breathed, and soon turned into a pool of charred frozen meat. \”Poof!\” The one eyed old woman spewed blood from her mouth. The feeding of poisonous insects was supposed to be related to her soul. At this time, both poisonous insects related to her soul died. The power of counterattack alone hurt her very badly. \”No, it\’s impossible to connect with the old silver snake.\” Her mouth was full of blood, she retreated step by step, and her face was full of incredible look. Pure Yang Xuanqi was just enough. It could only be considered that the boy had an opportunity, but why did he even have such a strong defense in the origin of his soul? What monster is this? \”It\’s my turn now.\” After Fang Yang was plotted by the old woman twice in a row, his heart also began to kill. When he stepped on it, the sword star was bright and the stars fell. \”Death!\” Boom! The power of the sword star pierced through the blade and directly hit the old woman. The old woman was swallowed up by the sword star and turned into powder before she even had time to howl. As soon as the old woman died, the hunchback old man suddenly turned his head and screamed, \”old woman!\”

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