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Zhang Xuewen knocked on a door. Li Siyu hadn\’t had time to see where it was. He had just been wandering and didn\’t see it at all.

\”When you fail, you cry and beg me.\” He resented throwing his sleeves. When he thought of the materials given to Fang Yang, he couldn\’t stop gloating. He has specially selected a low-quality tripod furnace and the spiritual materials in which the mysterious Qi is unstable or almost exhausted. Ordinary expert alchemists may not be able to maintain a 30% success rate in refining pills with these materials, let alone the hairy boy! He\’s waiting here Looking at Fang Yang\’s lost expression! When Zhang he showed his sinister expression, Fang Yang also carefully looked at the materials on the desk and the tripod stove in front of him. When he noticed the unstable atmosphere emanating from the two, he frowned slightly, looked at Zhang He, saw the expression on his face, also knew his mind, sneered and didn\’t say much. \”If this difficulty can make it difficult for me, I will be in vain.\” Huoshen pill is a pill for quenching and refining the body. It is also a common pill in Chunyang Zhenzong. Refining it is not very troublesome. Although Fang Yang has not refined it, he can fully understand the refining method. He has refined even more difficult pills, let alone ordinary things. Even if the quality of the materials given to Fang Yang is poor, it is still nothing to him \”Since you want to see it, watch it.\” The pure Yang Xuan Qi in Fang Yang\’s hand moved and crossed over to the inferior cauldron in front of him. The cauldron was burned by the earth fire for a long time. The arrangement of fire and gas is very uneven. Once refined with this material, it will be pulled by the fire and gas, resulting in uneven defective pills. At this time, with Fang Yang\’s own pure Yang Xuan Qi Circulation. After a delicate circulation on the tripod furnace, he quenched the tripod furnace again. After all, it is the mysterious Qi with the meaning of pure Yang. Under the quenching of Fang Yang, it can not only restore the mystery of the tripod furnace, but also greatly enhance the power of the tripod furnace to the fire attribute pill. A faint red light flashed on the tripod furnace. Fang Yang looked at it again, and the corners of his mouth disappeared He smiled. \”It\’s almost the same.\” then he took out all the materials needed to refine the fire body pill. All the things that fell into Fang Yang\’s hands were either short roots or withered branches and leaves. He was just like before. Because the materials here basically belong to the nature of fire, Fang

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