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Anyway, I\’m saving people. Don\’t care about the details.

Boom! Zhan Shengsheng\’s palm strength directly hit the huge door leaf filled with black dragon Qi. The palm of the martial artist in the sky and the sun slapped on the black door leaf only made the door leaf tremble without any change. It can be seen that the door leaf filled with dragon Qi is tough. \”It\’s fast, but I want to see where you can go when you enter the ancient cave of Zhenlong!\” Zhan Shengsheng laughed and patted the colorful zhenluan\’s head under him. The colorful zhenluan gave a shriek, and then his wings closed, turned into a colorful light and rushed into the door leaf. Whoosh! Just like a sharp arrow, the huge body of multicolored zhenluan also broke into the door leaf and disappeared in front after being wrapped by black gas. Chen Jiuyin behind the \”Tianyang realm\” was a little surprised because of the slow action of Zhan\’s life. Evil Luo\’s expression was rarely gloomy: \”Chen Jiuyin, you didn\’t say that there are martial artists from Tianyang territory to join in the big house dispute.\” \”I don\’t know, and I\’ve never seen this person.\” Chen Jiuyin frowned. \”Hum, even if the people in the evil ghost group are powerful in Tianyang territory, it\’s hard for the martial arts facing Tianyang territory to win. Don\’t expect us to help you fight against the people in this Yang territory when you enter the Zhenlong ancient cave later.\” evil Luo said. Chen Jiuyin replied: \”don\’t worry, I won\’t be foolish enough to provoke Tianyang. Moreover, this person should have a grudge against Fang Yang. That\’s the best. As long as Fang Yang can be killed, it\’s the most important thing!\” after they finished their words, they set off again, and both entered the huge door. The huge black door leaves stand in the wilderness for a long time. The Zhenlong ancient cave has been opened for seven days. Within these seven days, the black dragon door leaves will not be closed, but once the seven days are up and the door leaves are closed, it will be difficult to escape at that time. When he broke into the black door leaf, Fang Yang only felt that his whole body seemed to be entangled by layers of branches and vines. After half a ring, the black smoke in front of him dispersed, Fang Yang was the black gas on the surface of the body and broke free. Shui qianrou was beside him, also closely following Fang Yang. \”Is this the interior of Zhenlong ancient cave?\” Fang Yang\’s eyes swept around. They are located in a huge cave. The cave is ten feet high enough to accommodate large monsters. The surrounding rock walls are uneven and dotted with fist sized night pearls, making it as bright as day. After a rough sweep, Fang Yang found that the number of night pearls in this cave alone was not more than a thousand. \”It\’s estimated that if such a large night pearl is sold outside, it will cost at least 10000 yuan.\” Fang Yang secretly smacked his tongue. After all, it is the most powerful dragon nationality in ancient times. The layout of the peripheral caves alone is so luxurious. There was a fierce fight in the cave. Fang Yang listened and found that it was quite far away from here. \”It seems that the Dragon Qi gate on the periphery is also equivalent to the transmission method array, which randomly transmits us to the Zhenlong ancient cave.\” Fang Yang faces Shuiqian judo, \”I have checked some of the layout of the Zhenlong ancient cave on the map and have a little understanding.\”

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