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\”Oh?\” Bai fan was stunned. He just said a word casually. Unexpectedly, it became the truth. \”How did you die? You really met a big demon? But this is the first floor of the nether passage. Where can the big demon in Tianyang appear here? It\’s more than four floors below.\” \”it\’s not a big demon. It\’s a person\” Jia song seemed to feel a little embarrassed and hesitated. \”One person? One person will destroy your regiment, and you barely escape?\” Bai fan was interested. \”It\’s from Tianyang?\” \”it\’s just a boy from chuyang.\” \”what?\” Bai fan frowned, and then his face brightened. \”What happened, don\’t tell me in detail.\” looking at his face, Jia song pulled the corners of his mouth and knew that he couldn\’t be good if he wasn\’t satisfied, so he had to tell the story of the dead wood swamp with a black face. Although he has deliberately weakened his description of Fang Yang in order to avoid making a fool of himself, Bai fan\’s eyes brightened when he heard that a martial artist in the early Yang state of Fang Yang killed the Spinosaurus beast with his own strength. Later, he heard the mysterious technique of the imperial envoy\’s five sword blades and directly stood up at the table. \”Interesting, interesting! Hahaha, he is actually a good swordsman. Since he can use five blades with different attributes, the boy\’s swordsmanship is extraordinary. At least he has a strong understanding of the meaning of the sword and is a good object worth hunting.\” Bai fan\’s eyes are bright, and there is a crazy killing intention between his eyes, \”I\’m most upset that someone is more powerful than me with a sword. Since he\’s a good hand, let me kill him personally, rob him of his sword inheritance and enhance me, ha ha ha!\” \”where is the boy? I\’ll help you take revenge!\” Bai fan asked excitedly with a crazy look on his face. Jia song looked at the burning ferocity on his face, his heart was suddenly and slightly afraid, and smelled the speech and said: \”The boy has hunted the Spinosaurus, and naturally he won\’t be there.\” \”do you know his name? Is he an acquaintance of Qingmu city?\” \”no, I saw it for the first time.\” Bai fan frowned: \”There\’s some trouble. Bastard, it\’s not easy to have a good opponent who can\’t see it. It\’s a matter of our Chaimu Palace\’s face. How can we compromise! Think back quickly and find a way to find this son!\” listening to his aggressive words, Jia song didn\’t dare to neglect although he was uncomfortable. He frowned and thought, and then suddenly thought of something: \”Eh! By the way, there\’s another child beside the boy. Looking at the child\’s clothes, it\’s probably the waste in the north of the city.\” \”north of the city?\” Bai fan\’s eyes twinkled and sneered, \”that\’s easy to do. Come with me. Let\’s go to the north of the city. Anyway, there are so many waste things. It\’s easy to find a child!\” With that, he turned and walked out. Jia song was stunned, hesitated and followed up. It\’s always good to be able to find face, especially if his flying green spear can be taken back. It\’s better to take it back! Qingmu City, between the tube buildings. The building is still bustling, and more than 100 martial artists take tasks in it. It\’s very noisy.

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