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Tao Dan didn\’t care. After all, there was only salt in her family\’s cooking, nothing else.

\”Dare to kill my child and die!\” his voice swept away like thunder. At the same time, the water on the dark rain cloud was as bright as a leak, and the pouring rain fell in an instant. The surface of the falling drops looks like rain, but if you feel it carefully, you find that it is completely condensed by water vapor. The power of each drop of rain is like the full burst of sword Qi. This time, it falls densely, at least more than ten thousand. Fang Yang looked at it and felt that there were swords everywhere. \”Rain melt sword, and this method? It\’s quite interesting.\” a touch of desire appeared on his face. According to the means revealed by Zhao Minghu at this time, it seems to be better than the Golden Lion Wan Qingtian. Is a real master! When Fang Yang entered the nether passage, he wanted to find an expert, fight and improve himself. In previous battles, the fighters he met were either very strong or very weak, and there was no way to carry out a hearty battle. At this time, seeing the strength of Zhao Minghu, he knew that the opponent he was looking for finally came. With this person, he can experience his own Kendo and see how far his cultivation has reached! At the thought of this, Fang Yang\’s sense of war increased sharply. His yin-yang sword moves were also instantly torn apart in the continuous rain sword, but Fang Yang\’s body didn\’t retreat, but rushed into the dense rain with his own strength. Zhao Minghu\’s eyes are as deep and dark as a deep pool. He hums coldly: \”die.\” he moves his hands and controls the rain clouds under his body. The more than 10000 drops of sword Qi are all transformed by the mysterious Qi of Zhao Minghu, which is amazing. Every drop of rain melt sword is enough to penetrate the body of the great demon in the early sun! Zhao Minghu is extremely confident in his strength. After his epiphany last year, his ranking at this time is less than ten places higher than before! Just at this time, the font appeared on the Dragon list, and an exclamation came out of the crowd. \”It\’s the name of Zhao Minghu! Longbang, No. 105!\” hearing this, everyone looked at it together. Sure enough, the name of Zhao Minghu was revealed. All the people around were shocked. Unexpectedly, Zhao Minghu\’s ranking rose to this percentile. 105 was not much away from the top 100, but it was more powerful than the crazy killing of Zheng Wanli. Looking at the sword array inspired by Zhao Minghu at this time, it was enough to feel his strength. \”105?\” Huang Mei was also surprised. \”Zhao Minghu has really improved a lot. I remember he ranked 119 on the last dragon list.\” the Lun towel man nodded slightly: \”Zhao Minghu communicated with heaven and Earth last year and suddenly realized a lot of Minghu Taoist patterns. His strength has naturally improved greatly.\”

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