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Qian Shi saw that this man really followed the man\’s appearance, even better than that man. However, no matter how good you look, it is also a humble end.

However, the matter was known by several people in Kuishan. It was also a burst of anger. It was hateful that Xiong Meng fled out of the camp. Otherwise, Kuishan found it and slapped it to death. For this matter, the four people of Kuishan also took out some treasures one after another to protect Fang Yang, and sent two Tianyang martial arts guards to protect Fang Yang. For this reason, Fang Yang could not cry or laugh. Although he was afraid of trouble, they made up their mind, and Fang Yang had no choice but to obey. Day by day, there were more and more martial artists in the camp, but no one dared to find Fang Yang\’s trouble again. Fang Yang slowly studied the state of his body, but there was no gain during this period of time. He was not in a hurry. It was useless to be in a hurry. He simply enjoyed his leisure slowly. When nothing happened, Fang Yang refined some pills and studied some arrays. These two things are closely related. Although his physical condition has not been improved, under such improvement, he has made small gains in pill and array, and developed many pills with extraordinary effects. All these pills were handed over to sun rukong. Now they are facing great changes. The more materials, the more useful they are. On this day, Fang Yang took a small group of warriors out to hunt big demons and collect spiritual materials. There are two warriors in the Tianyang realm between the teams. Their strength is good. It is enough to deal with some ordinary big demons. When the people gathered around, Fang Yang sat quietly. His mind precipitated and silently felt himself. During this period of time, every time he has leisure, he will be in a state of spiritual emptiness, feel himself, form and spirit are integrated into a whole, as if he is communicating with heaven and earth. Although this state is not helpful to the empty change of your body, you can always feel relaxed all over your body. Fang Yang takes a deep breath and has a long mind. His whole body is light and floating. It seems that he has a feeling of flying into the mid air. He vaguely feels the flow of breath. When he sweeps around him, he has never entered his body. Fang Yang\’s body seems to be a whole nothing and a vortex. After absorbing all things, he turns all things into nothing. Between exhaling and inhaling, light and gentle. If a warrior uses the spirit to explore here, he can clearly feel that the breath of Fang Yang is gradually weakening and disappearing. If he doesn\’t see it with his own eyes, there is nothing in front of him under the perception of the spirit. At this time, the emptiness in Fang Yang\’s body faintly threw up a trace of waves. Just like in the cloud cover of the enclosed space, a breeze suddenly blew, and the powerful wind swept. The calm clouds began to surge slowly, or gather or disperse. In the center of his body, something was about to emerge. At this time, Fang Yang\’s cold hair suddenly stood up, and the changes in his body stopped instantly. He felt a touch of dead dust between heaven and earth. The sound of scream came faintly from my ears. In the distance, there were exuberant vitality, which quickly disappeared and annihilated. Fang Yang suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. He glanced away and his face changed suddenly. Originally, this place was a place with abundant trees. The grass and trees were green and full of vitality. But at this time, it seems that the mountains and forests in front of us are shrouded in a layer of gray smoke. Where we pass, the trees are withered and the grass is dry and yellow, just like a circle. The atmosphere of annihilating vitality quickly spread to Fang Yang. \”This dead breath is\” Fang Yang\’s face is slightly heavy, and his whole body is cold. He can\’t be more familiar with this scene. When you first enter the nether passage, you will kiss the breath of the body.

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