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Seeing this, Shen Xian thought she was afraid of herself and jealous of herself. I am very satisfied in my heart. Even if Shen Ling gets happy for a while, nothing has changed. However, she looked at Shen Ling\’s face, white as if shining, and a trace of jealousy flashed in her eyes.

What\’s going on? Why did the clam sea, which was so fierce and awe inspiring, cancel the attack in the blink of an eye? More than that, it seems to have escaped here? What happened was so sudden that many people couldn\’t react. Clam Hai, the sixth expert in the Dragon list, just left? They had just seen Fang Yang leave a wooden branch before. After the silence, the crowd was excited for a time. Look, look! This is Fang Yang\’s strength. Sure enough, as soon as he appeared, his situation was different. What is a master! The thing Fang Yang threw down earlier must be some innate Lingbao, which is specially used to restrain the clam sea! I\’ve been ready for a long time. The reason why I was swallowed by the clam sea earlier is all conspiracy and calculation! Fang Yang knows that the enemy is like a God. How can he not even prepare for this. At the moment of crisis, he suddenly appeared, which not only saved the faltering yin-yang Liuxian hall, but also made the great enemy flee. For a time, Fang Yang\’s position in the eyes of the people was raised by two grades. When he saw the people on him, his eyes were shining and full of worship. Unfortunately, they didn\’t know that Fang Yang didn\’t have the ability. It wasn\’t him who took the lead, and it wasn\’t him who made clam sea leave. Fang Yang also looked surprised at this time. Unexpectedly, a wooden branch given to him by the old man had such power. I knew I needed more. I didn\’t know if I could accept the emperor of the underworld. Fang Yang muttered. At this time, there was an angry roar behind him. \”Fang Yang!! I want you to die!!\” Emperor Ming\’s face is angry, ferocious and twisted, and there is no more elegant appearance. He thought that with the strength of the clam sea, he was enough to swallow the Yin and Yang in the immortal hall. Even if Fang Yang was not dead, he didn\’t think that Fang Yang threw a wooden branch at random, which not only eliminated the attack of the clam sea, but even made the clam sea flee? The previous appearance of clam sea fell into the eyes of Emperor Ming. Naturally, he knew how embarrassed he was when he fled. What is that wooden branch, and how many treasures does this son have in his hand? Together with the thought, the emperor of the underworld was also more and more angry. Anyway, this son will die!! His body rolled up and flew in an instant. The black fog on his head immediately rolled up and covered the yin-yang immortal hall. Since none of these men can be of great use, let yourself go out and kill them all!

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