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Everything is fine. Shen Ling told everything in the palace, omitting some things.

Where\’s the danger? His perception constantly reminded him, but when he reacted, Fang Yang standing in place suddenly disappeared. He looked flustered. Even if he was holding dragon power, he couldn\’t see Fang Yang\’s action at all. The golden armor general looked around, and a cold voice came from his ear. \”Are you looking for me?\” he quickly looked up and saw the silver flash in front of him. Then he just felt that the sky was spinning and his head was light and had been thrown out. Turning, his eyes swept over Fang Yang again, and he saw Fang Yang holding the nine palace sword and standing next to a headless body. The gold armor clothes seemed familiar, and the last thought appeared, and the consciousness of the gold armor general dissipated immediately. seckill! There was an uproar around. The gold armor general didn\’t see clearly, but the bystanders clearly saw the whole process of Fang Yang\’s action. Step by step, the fire burning step disappeared in an instant, and appeared again. They had come behind the gold armor general. Then the nine palace sword appeared in their hands and cut lightly. The golden armor general with dragon power was thrown high like tofu and died in an instant. One move! He killed a gold armored general in seconds. If they didn\’t understand the previous scene of Fang Yang against the enemy\’s golden armor general and had some doubts, the current scene is enough to fully reflect Fang Yang\’s level. Even the golden armour general can kill people with one sword. Does anyone dare to have any doubt? Wang Shanming also stared round and muttered, \”I don\’t know if the president has this strength.\” as soon as the gold armor general died, the remaining soldiers and silver armor generals were nothing. In the dull state, with the Dragon chopping club and the martial artists of Jianghe mountain villa, they fought together and immediately killed them. Once the situation was in chaos, the chances of winning the Longyuan Dynasty were slim. The fleeing Eagle nose man and Hao Shenglong also stopped. They looked dull and couldn\’t react for a long time.

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