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Shen Xian smelled the speech, his face was dim and shook his head. Mom, I really can\’t see clearly. Your majesty really just took a simple look this time. It seems that he didn\’t pay special attention to someone. My majesty may not have looked at me. he said the last sentence, and his great grievance was revealed.

\”If it\’s a congenital Xuanbao, it\’s troublesome. Every congenital Xuanbao is born in heaven and earth. It\’s not easy to get it and it\’s difficult to damage it. Unless Zhan\’s life is still alive, he can lead it out of your knowledge by relying on his connection with congenital Xuanbao, but now\” Jiang\’s eyebrows are frowned. Fang Yang didn\’t know about it. He was also a little depressed when he heard the speech. \”I don\’t know what you said about congenital Xuanbao. But the seal of Childe Fang\’s FA Xiang should also be regarded as an effect of curse?\” huojiu, who had been listening for a long time, suddenly said, \”if it\’s a curse, I should know a way.\” \”what way?\” Fang Yang asked quickly with his eyes brightened. Whether it\’s useful or not, it\’s better to find a chance to recover than to be helpless. \”There is a special tribe in the Jialuo Dynasty who is very good at curse. If we find them, it should be helpful.\” \”well, I\’ll go and have a look.\” Fang Yang decided. Huojiu hesitated: \”that tribe is called heihun. It\’s a small tribe with more than a hundred people and strange temperament. It\’s difficult to get along with. If childe Fang goes alone, I\’m afraid it\’s inconvenient. Well, I\’ll let Huofan and Fengwu accompany me.\” \”OK.\” Fang Yang answered. He also knew the temperament of the people in the Garo Dynasty. Since huojiu said they were eccentric, he should have no good feelings for outsiders. It\’s best to have someone to help and lead. This matter is settled, because it is very important that Fang Yang\’s FA phase is sealed. Once it is understood by the people of the Longyuan Dynasty, it will be more troublesome. Therefore, huojiu did not publicize it, but said that Fang Yang\’s strength is refined and improved. There are only four companions: Fire fan, wind dance, fire flying and wind. At first, huofei and fengxiao were not invited. They got the news. To be exact, after huofei knew it, they followed up. After being saved by Fang Yang that day, he respected each other and followed his lead. Naturally, this kind of thing is indispensable. The four of them learned about Fang Yang only after they were far away from the Fenghuo tribe. They were all sad with Fang Yang. They knew it was important to hear about it. Naturally, they would not refuse, pat their chest and lead the way, and vowed to help Fang Yang recover his fa phase. Even the most unfriendly fire fan to Fang Yang in the past, there is only joy and sincerity in my heart now. With four people leading the way, we are not afraid to enter dangerous places. From their mouths, Fang Yang also learned more about the black soul tribe. The black soul tribe is one of the oldest tribes in the galuo Dynasty. Since the opening of the galuo Dynasty for thousands of years, many tribes have annihilated and merged, forming a new existence. Like the three tribes today, they all have a long history, but after their own growth and development, the people in the tribe are not pure. But different from the black soul tribe, they have maintained the scale of 100 people since thousands of years ago, neither growing nor decreasing. Moreover, the black soul tribe is in dangerous mountains and is far away from the outside world. Even if it is a tribe within the same Dynasty, it has little contact. Even at this time, the whole garuo Dynasty mobilized to fight for life and death with the Longyuan Dynasty, and the black soul tribe was not involved. It seemed that these more than 100 people lived in another world and lived an incompatible life.

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