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In fact, Shen Xian felt that this scene was somewhat similar to that of a few days ago, and her impatience began again. After all, her clothes were gone at that time, which was quite oppressed for a while. But she cares about the current news and doesn\’t care.

\”This is a very remote place, which I found unexpectedly after I became the Dragon King. There are beautiful mountains and rivers and few people. Moreover, there is a strange power that can compress all the power to the extreme. Even the power of Long Yuan can only release one tenth of the power there.\” Zhanling waterway. \”Is there such a place?\” Fang Yang looked surprised. There was a rapid beat in his heart. He only felt that he had grasped something, but the thoughts in his mind were fleeting and his heart was empty. \”Well, I\’ll show you the way. We\’ll go there now.\” \”OK!\” Fang Yang answered. They didn\’t dare to stay here for too long. Under the reminder of Zhan Lingshui, they galloped out. They saw the mysterious air and streamer. Their bodies quickly disappeared in the sea of clouds. Boom! As soon as they disappeared, the sea of clouds burst. Sima Xiangshan rushed out with a pale Liao Xingwen in his hand. His indifferent eyes swept around and hummed: \”their breath was clearly here before. Damn it! They ran so fast!\” \”now that they have gone, we will go back to the Longyuan Dynasty first,\” Liao Xingwen whispered. \”Go back?\” Sima Xiangshan\’s voice rose. \”I\’m bound to win this mission, but there\’s a mistake at this time. Do you want me to go back so gloomy? Dream! I\’ll find them anyway!!\” his voice rolled and roared angrily, echoing in the whole world. Chapter 818 refining the essence. Seeing Sima Xiangshan\’s rage, Liao Xingwen was frightened. Among the ten Dragon Kings, Sima Xiangshan\’s strength is undoubtedly higher than that of them. In the whole Longyuan Dynasty, he is second only to the emperor Longyuan! Therefore, Liao Xingwen was extremely afraid of him. He was afraid that if he didn\’t agree with his words and used too strong dragon power, he would be swallowed up by the dragon power and turned into fly ash. \”They don\’t know where they are now. How should we chase them?\” Liao Xingwen whispered. Sima Xiangshan\’s eyes were cold: \”I have a secret skill that can connect with each other with the help of the same things. It happened that Lei Qilin\’s essence was divided into two, and some of them fell into the boy\’s hands, which could be used by me well! Although the loss of this secret skill is not small, it\’s enough as long as I can find the boy!\” he whispered, He also made up his mind, looked in a direction, moved his body and suddenly rushed out. \”Now let\’s find a place to settle down. I\’ll have a good rest and find them!\”

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