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Hearing the speech, Empress Dowager Yang nodded. That\’s good. As long as you don\’t hate it, everything is easy to say. Unfortunately, the day measured by the Tiantai is exactly a month before you can welcome her into the palace.

It\’s not his fault that he looks good! \”I didn\’t. I was ruthless when those people talked to me. You can see it.\” Lin Cheng was wronged. He left such a bad impression on others on the first day he was a target. Li Siyu didn\’t care, just wanted to tease him. Lin Cheng stopped talking and parked his car in front of a state-owned hotel. After getting off the bus, Li Siyu said, \”why don\’t you take me home? My mother will certainly leave me a meal.\” the old lady will leave a meal every time she doesn\’t go home. Even if she says it in advance, she will stay, for fear that she won\’t have enough food outside. Lin Cheng smiled and said, \”just when you got on the bus, I had cycled to your house to tell my aunt that there was no need to stay for dinner. I\’ll take you out to dinner, and then take you home.\” Li Siyu didn\’t care, nodded and advanced to the state-owned hotel. Anyway, there\’s no object. It\’s nothing to have a meal. How many meals did he eat at her house? It\’s nothing to eat him. After Lin Cheng entered the house, he ran to the window and said two words to the people inside, so he took Li Siyu to sit inside. \”I made a reservation in advance and didn\’t ask you what to eat.\” Lin Cheng smiled and sat opposite her and poured her a glass of sugar water. Li Siyu took a sip and put a lot of sugar. It was very sweet. \”I\’m casual, not taboo.\” Lin Cheng looked at her with his chin, and his mouth was still with a honey smile. Li Siyu: →_ → where did you come from? The crazy man Lin Cheng hasn\’t noticed Li Siyu\’s dislike. Meizizi thinks about how to raise his daughter-in-law? I haven\’t had a daughter-in-law. What should I do? Would you like to ask your married brother? He should be very experienced, right? I think of my elder brother and sister-in-law who have always had a good relationship and feel it necessary to learn experience.

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