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In this compartment, Xia he, who has recently become the head of the Jiqing palace, doesn\’t look proud, but teaches her confidants endun in his own house.

\”Let\’s go.\” Li Siyu trotted down the stairs and had to go home against the moon soon. Peng lingman saw what she was carrying in her hand at a glance. \”What are you doing?\” who invited someone to dinner and asked someone to bring gifts. The review was a little unhappy. Li Siyu smiled shyly and said, \”it\’s not a good thing, just snacks. Don\’t dislike it.\” Peng lingman didn\’t dislike it. Seeing that she was young, she didn\’t want her to spend more money. \”Don\’t do this next time.\” she took Li Siyu and took people home by bike. Peng lingman\’s house is not far from here. It will be there in ten minutes. Her home is in a big alley, which is full of high walled courtyards. The walls look old. \”Come in.\” Peng lingman opened the door and greeted her. Li Siyu entered the yard and found that her house was also a quadrangle. Several people were sitting and chatting in the yard. \”Ling man is back,\” said a woman in her forties. The people in the yard looked at Li Siyu and didn\’t speak. Peng lingman put the car away and said, \”this is my colleague. I\’ll invite her over for dinner.\” she walked up to Li Siyu and said, \”didn\’t I say this morning? Did I buy the vegetables?\” when the woman who had just started talking heard her question, she nodded and said, \”if you buy it, can you still go?\” Peng lingman ignored the woman, Led Li Siyu to sit on the stone bench, \”milk, this is my colleague.\” there are three people sitting around the stone table, an old lady and two men. Li Siyu stood aside and said with a smile, \”Hello, grandma Peng.\” grandma Peng smiled and nodded, \”Hello, sit down.\” \”this is my father and this is my big brother.\” Peng lingman pointed to the other two men. The man in his forties looks very cultured with black framed glasses. This is Peng lingman\’s father.

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