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Shen Ling used up the medicated diet and soon had an attack. For a moment, the fragrance came out.

Back home, Zhang Shi, Xu Weinan\’s mother, was particularly surprised to see her back. \”Why are you here so late?\” Xu Weinan was wronged, but he didn\’t dare to say he ran out. He said, \”I can\’t live at home. I\’ll come back today.\” Zhang didn\’t think so much, but he was very angry that Xu Weinan didn\’t ask for a bride price, but asked for a watch. But it\’s not good to drive her out in the middle of the night and let her in. Xu Weinan had a hard night. She was a little better before she got married. When she got married, all her sisters targeted her and didn\’t give her a good face. He stayed at work the next day and was warned by Zhang Dawei on the way. \”Hurry home at night. If you don\’t go home, don\’t go back again.\” Zhang Dawei glared at her and left. Xu Weinan was wronged but did not dare to shout, for fear that others would look at her differently. Li Siyu sat in his chair, looking at the documents in his hand, and was called by team leader Zhou. It seems common to be asked by team leader Zhou to ask questions now? \”Team leader Zhou.\” Li Siyu smiled and stood opposite him. Group leader Zhou smiled and said, \”sit down.\” this is a strange thing? Li Siyu looked at the abnormal leader Zhou and sat down honestly. \”Some leaders have begun to pay attention to this matter and ask the Secretary to grant the land as soon as possible.\” group leader Zhou looked at her happily. Sure enough, the young people also have different abilities. Li Siyu looked at him in surprise. The result came a little fast, which caught her off guard. \”Really?\” she looked at the person opposite suspiciously. She really didn\’t understand what was going on. It is reasonable to say that even if it was reported, there has been progress today under the pressure of the winery for so many years? She doesn\’t believe there must be other reasons just because of the report. Did Deputy Secretary Zhang do it? If he wanted to do it, he would have done it. Li Siyu is a little unpredictable about what\’s going on here, but the result is a good thing.

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