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Dong\’Er took all the jewelry.

As a result, both of them are still single. Those who had no object stopped talking and turned over the books to pretend that they were studying very seriously. Li Siyu began to study with a smile. The relationship between Qin Chuan and Xiao AI has turned into waves in the dormitory, but we are not interested in falling in love now. The most important thing is to cope with the exam and prepare for the holiday. In this exam, Li Siyu played very stably, at least she was very satisfied. After everyone said goodbye, Li Siyu went to the house he bought in Beidu first. She always kept in mind the trouble brought to her by Wu Laosan and his wife last time. After finding Aunt Zhang\’s house, Li Siyu directly said his intention. \”Let me see the house?\” Aunt Zhang hesitated after listening, because she didn\’t want to annoy old Wu\’s third daughter-in-law. She was really annoying. As far as her temperament is concerned, people in the whole area know that she has no face and no skin. Although it\’s almost Chinese new year when she comes out, no one is sure whether this person will come to trouble. Seeing her hesitation, Li Siyu said her own benefits. After all, no one can show you the house for nothing? At least there must be some benefits. \”It\’s five yuan a month. As long as she comes to make trouble, you can go to the police station to find a public security comrade.\” Li Siyu can also come out. She\’s always annoyed by being unlocked. \”Five yuan?\” Aunt Zhang was obviously moved. She was idle at home and could earn five yuan if she had nothing to do. Who wouldn\’t do it? On one side, when Aunt Zhang\’s daughter-in-law saw that her mother-in-law wanted to promise, she hurriedly grabbed her. She thought, since Li Siyu can take out five yuan, why can\’t she ask for more? The third daughter-in-law of the Wu family is not easy to mess with. Aunt Zhang looked at her suspiciously. She didn\’t know what she was going to do. Li Siyu knew what she meant when she saw her eyes twinkle. Sure enough, the man said, \”five yuan is a little less? Why do you want eight yuan a month? You know that the third daughter-in-law of the Wu family is not easy to mess with, and we\’ll mess up when we go.\” Li Siyu sneered and didn\’t want to bargain with such people. She just said that as long as she found them, she could go to the public security comrades and say a word to Wu\’s third daughter-in-law.

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