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How could such a kid appear in the line of Lingshen… his strength is almost no less than that of the Lingxuan Sword, but he is more cruel and decisive than the Lingxuan Sword…Grandpa, this kid is better than expected. Are the three of them confident that they can win him?Absolutely, although this son is better than expected, but the second child and the others are not weak, and the three of them work together, how can they not hold this kid… The demon god clan master said in a deep voice. However, there was a hint of uncertainty in his voice. This was the first time he showed signs of uncertainty, but he would not admit it.FTLN 0823 I am not a manOn the highest suspended platform, there are envoys from various tribes in the middle famine. In the middle position, there are more than a dozen women in colorful phoenix clothes. These women are quite beautiful in appearance and exude even more. A special fairy temperament.Fairy Huang Lan, it is an honor for our gods to be able to come and observe the ceremony. A golden-ranked envoy from the temple said flatly.Where you are disturbing, I still look to the Protoss Haihan. The beautiful woman in the lead smiled sweetly and replied.Where!The gold-ranked messenger waved his hands again and again, his words were quite polite, and he didn\’t dare to disturb him. You must know that this Huanglan is not only a six-feathered flying phoenix of the Phoenix clan, but also a world-famous figure who has been famous for many years, regardless of his status or status. The messenger is noble.After a few words of courtesy, the gold-ranked messenger left.A group of Yingying Yanyan on the side made pleasant conversations from time to time, and occasionally made a few jokes, but some of them occasionally turned their eyes to the light curtain.Sister Si, this session of the Hundred Clan Conference of the Ancient Protoss has produced quite a few high-qualified generations, but compared to my clan\’s Brother Yu and others, it is far worse. A woman Lang Lang said.It\’s barely passable, most of them are second-level holy aptitudes, and the only higher ones are those two gods who have reached the middle-level holy level. The woman named Fourth Sister glanced indifferently.I heard that Ba Yu and Ming Yuyan, the two emerging generations, have become very popular in recent years. If they are concerned about their strength, they are not as good as Brother Yu, but in terms of qualifications, I heard that Ming Yuyan has reached The aptitude of the pinnacle sage rank, the aptitude of this woman is no less than that of Brother Yu Yu and others.Well! Ancient Protoss should not be glimpsed. Although some have declined in recent years, there are still some hidden guys who disdain to participate in the Hundred Clan Conference. These people may not be much worse than Ming Yuyan in terms of their aptitude and ability.There shouldn\’t be much suspense this time at the Hundred Clan Conference. The first three must have been obtained by Ming Yuyan and others. Knowing the result, it really doesn\’t mean much.The women talked again and again, but there was only one stunning woman, staring at one of the light curtains, her expression exuding faint brilliance.Venerable is at his peak. It seems that he should have used that middle-grade god source. Although he has this thing to help improve his realm, his ability is indeed very strong. In just a few days, he is almost like two people… Yan Wushuang\’s beautiful eyes showed a hint of joy.Girl Shuang, what are you looking at? A woman poked her head.I didn\’t see anything… Yan Wushuang quickly retracted his gaze, a trace of panic in his expression.


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