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The image of the gods who had no spirituality opened their eyes, as if they were alive, and the vast divine power emerged, as if the true gods were reborn in the world.

This session of the Hundred Clan Conference is really interesting. The two people who have the opportunity to be the first have actually made such an agreement, and they will definitely do their best by then…Many descendants of the Protoss became excited. Just thinking about that scene made people feel excited, and of course there were some who ignored it.The conversations of the surrounding people can naturally be heard with the keen perception of Shanghai. From this, he has obtained a lot of information. In addition to the previous seedling winners, there are also 80 descendants of the Protoss branch selected for the third round. The main clan sent nearly two hundred people.In other words, there will be three hundred strong players in the third round.And this time it’s not an elimination competition, but a grouping in the form of a group. There are a total of 20 groups, fifteen people in groups, and each person in each group will take turns to compete with five people for five games, regardless of whether they win or lose, and then score points. Ranking, the top three at the end entered the semi-finals.As for the ranking, it will be calculated based on points and field performance.suddenly!The horn sounded again, and it sounded three times in a row.Everyone, the temple has decided to abandon the third round of competition rules previously established, and use the new competition method. The leading gold envoy suddenly stood up and said, the voice was not loud, but it passed all of them. In human ears.FTLN 0819 I am not a manAs soon as this statement was made, the descendants of the Protoss in the entire square immediately caused an uproar.Temporarily change the new test method?Not as usual?How could the temple be temporarily changed? Could it be that something happened?Don\’t talk nonsense, the changes made by the temple may not be a bad thing, maybe it is to be more fair.There was a hustle and bustle in the square, and everyone was talking, but most of them were elders and descendants of the gods, and many patriarchs frowned and thought.Okay, since the temple uses a new test method, let\’s use the new test method. A white-haired old man said loudly.This person is the strongest patriarch of the Void Protoss in the gods branch. Both his status and prestige are extremely high among the gods branches. As soon as the words came out, many descendants of the gods quietly put aside their voices.My Envoy, I don\’t know what the new competition rules are? Another patriarch stood up and asked with his hands. Everyone looked at the envoy.I have recorded the rules of the test method, and now pass them to you. After the gold-level messenger said, hundreds of spiritual consciousness shot out from the center of his eyebrows, and they fell into the consciousness of the patriarchs and leaders of the Protoss branch present. This is a kind of transmission. Way of information.


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