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Although there are more than 300 branches of the ancient Protoss, the number of descendants is not known as many trillions, but it is not difficult to check the details of a descendant of the Protoss, especially the descendants of the Protoss who participated in the Hundred Races Conference. Soon, the identity of Shanghai will be called. Out of it.What? This Shanghai is from the spirit of spirit?Isn\’t it? Why haven\’t you heard of it before?I heard that it was a separated descendant who returned to the line of Lingshen not long ago.I just returned to the separated descendants of Lingshen? Ling Zhantian, the old guy, is too lucky, right? Pick up a descendant and have such a powerful ability? Why is there no such thing in my clan? Waiting for the long-lost descendants?Twenty-four, if you enter the top 20, you can get the third-level clan land. The spirit and god line seems to be the fourth-level clan land. This time, the spirit and god line is going to flourish, relying on one to retrieve it. The descendants will win a higher level of ethnic lands…You don\’t know the origin of this Shanghai, right?What\’s the origin?His father is a very famous person.Who?Have you forgotten? One thousand and two hundred years ago, Lingshen\’s line came out of a powerful descendant. This person was named Lingjiangchen. He rushed into the final duel of the Hundred Clan Conference with a dark horse. The god son who reached the god-level qualifications competed for the first place. Because the spiritual generals have a relatively low training period, they eventually lost with one move and ranked second…I remember, it turned out to be the son of a general and minister.This spirit general was a ruthless man in the past years. This man made his shots resolutely and fiercely, but he acted justly, but he hadn\’t heard from him in these years.Unexpectedly, his son has grown up. Not only does he have the momentum he had in the past, but he even has a bit of victory. In the past, the generals of the spirits rushed to the second place at the peak of the king, and now his son is the only one. The pinnacle rushed into the top twenty-four, and even has the ability to aspire to the top ten…The discussion about Shanghai has spread among the branches of the ancient Protoss. The patriarchs of the Protoss branch have red eyes from time to time to the Lingzhantian of the spirits. If the jealous eyes can kill people, I am afraid that Lingzhantian has already known how many deaths. Time again.Comparable to the descendants of the Son of God…These descendants in any branch are expected but not anxious, but such characters have appeared in the two generations of the spirits and gods, and Shanghai is even more capable than the spirits. This generation is stronger than one generation, which is so jealous.When Shanghai stepped down, all the eyes of the people of the spirits and spirits lined up, staring at him firmly, their faces flushed, and even their breath became rushing.Eight brother! You evildoer…Ling Xuanbiao took the lead and slammed Shanghai\’s chest with a punch. He was so excited that he confiscated his strength for a while.


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