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His limbs were tightly controlled by the dark guard on one side, pressing his joints, so that he didn\’t have the chance to escape. At the thought of what his father said to himself, the means of emperor Chengyuan\’s dark guard, these torments might as well be dead.

I hope everything goes well. Looking at the dusty Li Chengcai, Li Siyu couldn\’t help laughing and said, are you in such a hurry? I…

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As soon as the Chenghe county leader spoke, he knew it was wrong, so he had to drag it mechanically. His eyebrows and eyes were full of arrogance. If you come in, why don\’t you go in? What are you doing outside the door?

She pointed to the desk next door. Some of it was dusty and looked very dirty. Li Siyu is not hypocritical now. In her last…

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In this compartment, Xia he, who has recently become the head of the Jiqing palace, doesn\’t look proud, but teaches her confidants endun in his own house.

\”Let\’s go.\” Li Siyu trotted down the stairs and had to go home against the moon soon. Peng lingman saw what she was carrying in…

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Hearing the speech, Empress Dowager Yang nodded. That\’s good. As long as you don\’t hate it, everything is easy to say. Unfortunately, the day measured by the Tiantai is exactly a month before you can welcome her into the palace.

It\’s not his fault that he looks good! \”I didn\’t. I was ruthless when those people talked to me. You can see it.\” Lin Cheng…

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In fact, Shen Xian felt that this scene was somewhat similar to that of a few days ago, and her impatience began again. After all, her clothes were gone at that time, which was quite oppressed for a while. But she cares about the current news and doesn\’t care.

\”This is a very remote place, which I found unexpectedly after I became the Dragon King. There are beautiful mountains and rivers and few people.…

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